5 Things Men Would Want Women To Know About Them

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. There are quite a number of misconceptions women hold about men.

Can’t live with them…

Can’t live without them…

There are quite a number of misconceptions women hold about men. We asked a few men what misconceptions would they like women to know about. Here are a few…

No Reminders

Men love to fix and repair things that are broken in the house. If they don’t find anything that need to be fixed, they will break and then repair it. But, you need not remind them about it every now and then. That’s like getting on their nerves continuously.


Real men do not need praises, or so goes the saying. Men may not love to show off their assets, but they definitely expect you to compliment them once in a while. Say if you know a man who cooks really well, go straightaway and tell him. Don’t forget to watch how fast the toilet gets cleaned after that. (wink)

Alone time with BFFs

Though men acknowledge how important spending time with you is, they still need time with their BFFs. Not just time, but “alone” time with BFFs. Just like we women need the affirmation of our girl friends, guys need the companionship of other men. You never know what your man could bring back home after a refreshing time with his friends. After all, men will be men, right? (winks)


Who said gossiping is only for women. Even men love to gossip and they love to do it in detail for really long hours. Surprisingly, their topic is not always about women. Sometimes, it’s football or other sport as well. So next time you want to see your man ramble away to glory, let the words flow. Don’t discourage him with your disapproving giggle.

Occasional tears

While women are miles ahead when it comes to this, men do not have a zero-tear history. The simple truth is that men do shed the occasional tear. But that’s the point: it’s occasional for them. Very occasional. Not like they are not happy in the happiest moments, but they just don’t get those “tears of happiness.” One more thing, they do it in total privacy, so that nobody – nobody, can ever see them crying. Now you know why was he shut in the washroom all that while.

Concluding, men are not complicated. They need to be understood. If you really get what they want, the life really will be easier and obviously happier. 



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