These Are The 5 Hilarious Ways People Behave After 5 Pegs

Binge drinking nourishes our crazy antics and we are left doing all the hilarious things possible under the Sun. It’s embarrassing and entertaining in the same vein, entertaining when you revisit your drunken videos on your friend’s pone and embarrassing because you mentally apologize people you wronged in the intoxicated state for weeks. Then there are drunk people seen spinning a yarn about their old time achievements and calling up their exes for showering those cuss words upon them. Well, we all have our fair share of drunken stories and here are some hilarious ways how people evolve as great philosophers after 5 straight pegs.

After one Peg:

The party is on a roll and you are slowly enjoying your peg, sharing a hearty chat with your friend. Suddenly the DJ puts on Despactico and your inner dancer is on the loose.

After second peg:

With the foot-tapping numbers and psychedelic lights for company you start feeling trippy already. Your eyes start scanning for the next hottie you are going to nail and start readying up the master plan in the mind.

Drunk young man passed out in bar

After third peg:

It’s the DJ playing Tamma Tamma and you are into some serious dirty dancing with your friends.


After fourth peg:

You are now an emotional fool, a philosopher, a historian, a sports enthusiast, photographer, comedian rolled into one and whoa! Emotions outwit everything and you start singing Kya Hua Tera Vaada until you decide that you really want to get over the past relationship and nail the hot girl next table tonight. So you land in the ninja mode!

After fifth Peg:

You are really high now, more embarrassingly, halfway through the I-have-been-there-done-that conversation with the sexy chic. So instead of throwing up on her face, you charm your way towards the toilet, have an amazing conversation with yourself until you vomit.


We hope it left you wanting to hit the pub right now.

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