Here’s How People Are Hilariously Reacting On The “Viral Trash Dove” On Twitter Now!

Trash Dove GIF's

Trash Dove GIF’s – Hey pals, what are you obsessed with? Oh, is it the “Trash Dove”? I guess so.

I’ve observed that nowadays people are obsessing over this cute little purple bird known as Trash Dove. Some are finding it really annoying, whereas others are in-love with it. But, wait a minute. Do you have any idea about how the popularity started? It’s OK if you don’t, because this article will tell you about it. 😉

The viral Trash Dove has taken over the Facebook comments since last few days. In reality, this bird actually came from a FB sticker packs called as Trash Doves. These stickers were created by Syd Weller, an Adobe Creative Resident, and they were released on FB at the end of the January.

Here are the stickers –

Trash Dove GIF's

How it went Viral? It started buzzing all over the Internet only when they were being used in a Thai video that gained more than 4 million views in just 5 days.

Some people believe, that in Thai culture, the bird is represented as “Friend-Zoning”. Whereas, others think that it’s a perfect symbol for internet spam.

Well, now that you know about this “Trash Dove” thing, here’s another thing that might create a buzz, so keep your eyes open. Yes, the creator is now working on her other projects, which include this one too.

Trash Dove GIF's

She revealed that she has started working on a new sticker pack because she don’t have enough other stuff to do! ‘Trash Pandas’ or ‘Trash Bandits’? (They’re raccoons!) Wait is Worth. 😉

So, apart from all this, before you tell us what you think about this “Trash Dove Memes and Popularity”, take a look at how people are hilariously reacting on ‘em.

  1. Whoa!! Girls, are you going to try this?

 Trash Dove GIF's

2. Oh Shit!!

3. Trash Dove has a secret lover 😉

 Trash Dove GIF's

4. No doubt, it can turn out to be on a T-shirt too

 Trash Dove GIF's

5. The new dove shampoo is here

Trash Dove GIF's

6. This is Crazyyy!!

7. OK, The cat dislike him though!

8. A perfect MODEL 😉

9. Ladies and Gentleman, Meet the “Real Trash Dove” ..


So, what do you think about these Trash Dove GIF’s? Let us know in the comment section below.

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