Five Types Of Doctors You Have Met In Your Life…

Here’s a list of five types of doctors you’ve met or might meet in your life…


Not at all interested in you or your ‘why,what-if or how’ talks. No matter what you try to tell them, they won’t listen. They have things very organised in their clinic and the thing that is of utmost priority to them is to write you a prescription in a hosh-posh handwriting. Also, don’t expect them to explain to you your present internal state of body or give you a reason for your condition. They won’t really care if you tell them that you are from C.I.D and there’s a bomb in their clinic.


We are family


When I say family doc, I am not talking about that doc who is familiar with your family. But the one, who is totally interested in knowing about you and your family. Schedule an appointment with them, and what interests them more than your health issue is “family mein aur kaun kaun hai”, “papa-mummy kya karte hain” or even “Oh. You are an architect. My friend’s son is also an architect.” They probably fall into that category of parents who are on a constant look out for a bride/groom for their son/daughter or some relative.

God of all things


They talk a lot! Not just about your family,your job, your career but also gives you suggestions on what should be your goal in life. Thanks Doc! But I’ve already figured that out. No matter what illness you tell them about- stomach ache, typhoid, flu or even love-aria yes! love-aria, they will explain to you the symptoms, causes, results and the medication required. Make sure you pretend to be in a worse state than you are when you are with them, ‘coz for every one word you say, they have about 100 words ready as a reply.

Doctor Do-little

The ones who believe in laughter being the best medicine. Funny as it sounds, they start your checkup with jokes and end it with jokes. The best part is that when you see the checkup bill, your reaction is: Is this some kind of a joke?

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S

You got everything the moment you read the subtitle, didn’t you? The one who’s happy-go-lucky, believes in laughter being the best medicine, You never know Kal ho Naa Ho and most importantly Jaadu Ki Jhappi and follows Gandhigiri. Makes every effort to make not just the patient, but the staff happy as well.


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