What Happens To The Props & Equipments Once The Movies End? Find It Out Here!

Props Used In Movies – Whenever I watch a movie & I see actors using certain props & equipment’s, once the movie ends, I always take one question along with me on my way back home. The question is, “What happens to the props & equipments once the movie is done?” Like seriously, where the hell are they kept? Does celebs take them? Or are they throw away? I know, I’m NOT the only one who has ever had this question running through mind.

So to find out where they end up, I did a little research.

I came to find out that a lot happens with the props once the movie ends.

  • Ken Miyamoto on Quora said “This is generally a big stage or warehouse on lot that contains a variety of movie props that are utilized over and over in various different films and have been for decades.”

So yes, the props are stored in studio’s wardrobe department & are reused if needed later in the production. Just imagine studio’s warehouse filled with so many props. It is been said that some props are kept on display so that others might come & have a look. Some are auctioned & people seriously buy them at any cost. Sometimes, Celebs take them too.

I hope this answer helps –

  • Christopher Kingery on Quora says “Depends on the production, the company producing it, and the cost of dealing with the props, costumes, sets, etc. afterward. Many pieces get shelved in warehouses and eventually rented out. Specially built items, particularly ones that are relatively functional and perhaps iconic may either be put away for safe keeping, used for auction/sale, or put on display somewhere. Anyway, some things do get destroyed, especially film sets that aren’t likely to be used again, but many other pieces like cars, equipment and costumes are either made available for rent or shelved for possible use in future movies.”

This sumps up everything, right? Like we all know, the outfits used in Bollywood movies are rather auctioned or are given back to the production house once they are been used. So this is an example that can be considered. From Salman Khan’s towels to Madhuri Dixit’s Lehenga, such outfits which became popular were auctioned & if you want to know at what cost, click here.

Props Used In Movies: If you’ve worked with any film production, then would you like to add points? If yes, let us know in the comment section below.

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