Why is This Hypocrisy Around Sunny Leone’s Biopic

Sunny Leone Biopic

Sunny Leone Biopic – Director Aditya Dutt has taken a bold step by pledging to make Sunny Leone’s biopic which stars herself at the title role and it attracted ire from all parts of the society.

This is the same country when ‘Sanju’ was declared a massive hit in box office which revolved around the life story of Sanjay Dutt, the Bollywood superstar that chest-thumped about sleeping with 365 women in his entire lifetime.

Now what appals us that how Sunny Leone, who has her roots in India and pursued a career in the Canadian porn industry as a Porn Star which was bone of discontent for the Sanskari country of ours.

However, Sunny Leone Biopic has a coming-of-age treatment which sheds light on Sunny Leone’s journey from a normal girl to a pornstar to a Bollywood star. It may have taken her myriad heartbreaks and hardships which resulted in her making a career in the porn industry.

No sooner did the proposal rose in emergence, there have been a landslide of trolls regarding this and it spread all over the social media chipping away at the image of Sunny Leone and the director of the movie citing the content to be ‘ controversial’ and demeaning all of the crew left, right and centre.

Now here comes the question why the Indian audience is reacting as adversely to the biopic of Sunny Leone where ‘Sanju’ reigned supreme at the box office with impunity? We will give you the probable reason, Sunny was always open and clear about her profession and honest too. In fact, in a talk show, the host asked her disrespectful questions too which she braved pretty gracefully that heightened her respect in our eyes already. Recently, Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber has adopted a baby girl which also showed her philantrophic side.

Sunny exercised her right to choose her profession and did quite the hard work to scale the height that she is now in. She always had been honest about her life which makes us go bananas over her. We really marvelled at how people mud-slung at the family picture with the baby girl she has posted recently in her Instagram account without looking at the beauty of it. What is wrong with the nation? why is it keeping the notion of chastity under its wings in pursuit to hatch a peacock out of it? why it turns into a simmering cauldron whenever something out-of-the box is proposed?

Sunny Leone Biopic – Sunny has been disgraced, put down but has shown her resilience, integrity and dignity in every which occasion. This is an attitudinal disorder the country is suffering from which needs to change.

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