7 Famous Hollywood Celebs Who Looked Better Before Plastic Surgery


It is no shocker, as most Hollywood actors and actresses have had some form of cosmetic treatments.

Several celebs have gone ahead to do some nip or tuck for the sole purpose of looking beautiful.

And many a times, doing these fixes has gone wrong and some were so worst (example: Michael Jackson) that too would have regretted later. And the most ironic and abysmal thing is that these actress have spoiled their uniqueness in her bid to look better and to get edge over the others by opting generic facial features.

Fuller lips, chisel out figure no doubt makes you attractive but we think one should accept their innate looks and age gracefully and naturally.

Let’s have a look at some Hollywood celebrities who went under knife to be a different person but not at all in good way.

  1. Megan Fox

This Trnsformers star looks have altered so many times over the years. She denies that she never went for any surgeries to enhance her looks but it’s quite evident that did go for surgery. Plastic Surgery is for sure is the worst decision this star could have done.

According to some reports which were surfaced all over the net that she did go for botox, eye lid surgery, cheek fillers and laser skin resurfacing. And probably she has spent whopping $60,000 to look evergreen.


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