6 Controversial Indian Films That Were Banned In Our Country!

If a movie is based on a sensitive or debatable topic then it’s unlikely that it will be approved by the Central Board of Film Certification.

A lot of controversial Indian films were given no card from the Censor Board in the past. Many times film fraternity is left aghast by such bans on movies and documentaries.

Below is the list of ill fated movies from the last decade which never saw release in India due to the censor board.

  1. Un freedom (2015)

Florida-based director Raj Amit Kumar made his directorial debut with this cult classic on homosexuality. The movie starred Adil Hussain and Victor Bannerjee as the main protagonists. This movie didn’t get the green signal for it was based on a controversial topic.


  1. Gandu ( 2010)

Gandu is a bold monochrome Bangla movie by Kaushik Mukherjee. Censor Board did not allow the release of the movie as it had overt sexual scenes.


  1. Dazed in Doon (2010)

Dazed in Doon is a movie crafted by Ashvin Kumar. The movie didn’t receive the censor certificate as it allegedly ‘spoils’ the name of the Doon School.


  1. Kaum de here (2005)

The film chronicled the events of the assassination of the very famous leader, Indira Gandhi. And censor board didn’t allow its release as they felt that the film may cause communal tension in the country.


  1. Hava Aney Dey a.k.a Let the wind blow (2004)

Partho Sen-Gupta’s film depicts the growing tension between the arch rival nations: Indian and Pakistan. Censor board suggested so many cuts that the movie was just left with 20 minutes!  So the director refused to accept these suggestions and this movie was never on 70 mm Screen.


  1. Paanch (2002)

Paanch is an unreleased Indian crime thriller film loosely based on Joshi Abhyankar serial Murder case. The censor board objected the overt violent scenes and many other explicit depictions.


This shows how it’s difficult in India to get a certificate for any coming-of-age movies!

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