These 5 Celebs Are Pretentious Freaks In Front of Public! They Are Something Else In Real Life!

We know that the job of actors is to act in front of the camera.

But many take it a bit far and act in front of public too, projecting a pious image while they are all shrewd and crafty in real life. They say something in front of the public and their conducts in real life are the exact opposite of their statements.

Let us have a look at the Bollywood actors with fake public image. The ones who pretend a great deal in public to appear saints.

Salman Khan

The “Bhai” of Bollywood and the only human we know on the planet is making a huge wave with his righteous image in public. Don’t we all know the realities? His evident and alleged affairs, his misbehavior and physical violence with all his girlfriends, his vices, and the recent forcefully snatched victory in hit and run case! If he is such a saint standing for humanity, how exactly he treats people the way he does in real life? Isn’t he a pretentious freak?


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