Chunky Panday’s Hot Niece Will Make It Hard For You To Take Your Eyes Off Her!

Alanna Panday

“Alanna Panday”

Alanna Panday is a beautiful daughter of Chunky Panday’s brother Chikku Panday and celebrity fitness expert Deanne Panday.

She has literally taken over the internet for her oh-so-sexy pictures and damn one seriously can’t take eyes of ‘em.

Alanna Panday looks absolutely stylish and her long legs give her a modelling touch.

Well, she is 21 years old but hell yeah she made us wondered about whether she’ll make her Bollywood debut or not. Apart from that discussion; her sexy pictures are everything that makes us believe she is definitely a star in the making.

Well, if you have missed out on her pictures then just take a look at her oh-so-sizzling snaps.

  1. Look at her stunning SELFIE pose!

 Alanna Panday

  1. A little playful!

Alanna is currently a student of London school of fashion.

Alanna Panday

  1. All eyes on her slim-figure

Don’t miss out the cute puppy (Wink!)l


  1. She is Fit & Fine

The way she has maintained her sexy-body make us more curious to watch her in Bollywood movies. Agree?

Alanna Panday

  1. Lady in black!

She certainly nailed it in this pose. Don’t you think so?

Alanna Panday

  1. Beautiful like nature

Damn! She simply looks so gorgeous.

Alanna Panday

Without any doubt, if she decides to make a Bollywood debut then it seems she is surely going to be a tough competition to all the star kids out there.

So, what do you have to say about her sizzling pictures?

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