Badhta Punjab: Let Us Have A Look At The Other Side Of Udta Punjab


Let Us Have A Look At The Other Side Of Udta Punjab

No doubt Udta Punjab is gaining a lot of success and grabbing eye balls for its eccentric and controversial topic of ‘Drug Issue’ that is prevailing in Punjab.

The movie has shown the stereotypical image of the state, where drugs are easily available, cops are corrupt and several others.

But Punjab is not just about Drugs and the whole issue, it is more than that.

So let’s know about facts and unique reality of the Punjab which is hardly shown in movies or in any popular culture.

Scroll down and learn about the other side of the Punjab i.e. “Badhta Punjab” .

1. Drugs Issue is in Punjab but we need to have a macro view and eradicate it from all India.

Drugs are a major problem faced by the people living all over the India and not just in Punjab. It’s like an “Offending factor” for the Punjabis who feel that they are targeted through the movie.

2. There are Cops  who are non-corrupt here.

No doubt corruption is big menace in our country and it’s widespread in Punjab as well. But we have to also consider that there are many police officers who are non-corrupt and fighting against issues including drugs issue in Punjab.

3. There is a good social developmental process for the people living in this Punjab.

Chandigarh, which is Punjab’s capital, is known as the best planned city. Every sector has a park and a shopping street with plantations surrounding them.

It also has a good performance in the field of economic development and is by far a ‘less problem free’ state.

4. Art and Science are flourishing in this state.

The lands richness is analyzed from the handicraft of the state. The tradition is highly maintained in making colorful handicraft things.

5. This state provides a highest scope in providing education.

It emerges on top in the education development sector in India. Why? Punjab state includes numerous universities, hostels and equal opportunities for quality education are provided to the budding students in Punjab.

6. Punjabi food is never out of brand.

Punjabi foods which includes Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Sarson ka sang, Makki di roti, Mint paratha are worldwide famous and has brought Indian on world map.

7. Punjabi people are known for their humanitarian spirit.

During crisis they are very helpful in providing food, clothes to the people in need.They have their complete unique persona and are the kindest.

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