Top 9 things to watch for in How I Met Your Mother season 9

Final season of American sitcom How I Met Your Mother premieres on 23rd September

After watching Ted desperately trying to look for The  Mother from past 8 seasons, and she even making a brief visit in season 8 finale, the time has finally come to know more about the lady in question. Yes, season 9, the final season, to this epic show is all ready to premiere in USA on 23rd September. Now I know not all of us will get to watch it simultaneously with the American audience but we sure have our ways to watch the latest episodes. You know what I’m talking about. You didn’t get the idea from me.

While the mother will obviously be the main focus of the season there are some more stories that need to be completed before this legen-waitforit-dary show gets over, forever! I confess I may not cry in the finale episode as much as I did when FRIENDS got over but will surely miss Barney’s epic ways to get girls, Robin’s attempts to not fall in love, Lily’s obsession over managing someone’s life, Marshall’s humorous side and of course Ted’s failed but optimistic attempts to find The One! I have put down a list of top 9 things that we need to know before the gang at McLaren’s bids us farewell.


Slap Bet: In season two Barney lost a bet to Marshall over Robin’s actual past in Canada causing him to face the wrath for slaps henceforth. The wager was for Marshall to slap Barney 10 times in quick succession or get to slap him five times anytime in eternity. Barney made the fatal choice to choose the latter and across seasons he has suffered the consequences of this rash decision. Now after doing a tally and with what 3 slaps being added after the Ducky Tie incident, Marshall still has 2 slaps remaining. Which I am pretty much guessing is going to be used in Barney’s wedding. You ask what is Ducky Tie? Ah, well.


Ducky Tie: Here too Barney lost a bet to Marshall and in return was asked to wear a tie with ducks printed on it for an entire year. The only time he asked Marshall to excuse him for wearing the tie was when he wanted to impress his then-girlfriend Nora’s parents. While he did get out of wearing it but also had to give 3 more slaps to Marshall adding to the tally of the slap bet. In a scene from the episode titled ‘The Best Man’ in a flashforward Barney is seen wearing the Ducky Tie on his wedding day while talking to Lily. Looks like the tie has an important role to play in the wedding!


Something Old Locket: Right in the end of season 8 we saw Robin looking for her ‘Something Old’ to wear in the wedding. And since a teen she had a locket dug in one of the parks hoping to find it before wedding which will also signify that the Universe agrees with her decision to marry. Sadly in season 8 she doesn’t find the locket making her doubt her decision to marry Barney. But it is revealed that Ted holds her ‘Something Old’ locket and if the spoilers are to be true then he will be seen giving it to Robin on her wedding day. Now will this change the situation between Ted and Robin who already share an emotional past? We will have to wait for this one!


Barney’s job: We know what the rest of the gang members do for a living but ever wondered about Barney’s occupation? I find it a little intriguing that not even once in the entire 8 seasons has it been revealed what does for a living. And to top it all he always he has so much money to throw around looking at his expensive apartment and his rounds at strip clubs. All we know is he works in AltruCell Company which going by Marshall’s account of working in there do some shady business. But what is Barney’s role in that company? We know he’s a magician by heart but will someone please tell us about his real career?


Robin’s family: Over the period of 8 seasons we have come to know of Robin’s father, Senior Scherbatsky trying to make a son out of his daughter Robin. We even met Robin’s younger sister Katie in season 2. But who is Robin’s mother? Why haven’t she appeared even once in all seasons? She was mentioned once when Robin shared about moving in with her in Canada when her dad declared to not see a son in her but not visually. Now for her own daughter’s wedding will she be present in person to fulfill her duties as the bride’s mother? We are sure Barney and she will instantly hit it off!


Marshall’s big move: In season 8 finale Marshall was offered to become a judge but he already has plans to move to Rome with Lily who has been offered a job by the Captain to be his art consultant. So now will Marshall be the dutiful husband he always is and give up on his dream to become a judge or will he take matters in his hands? IF the couple were to really move to Rome, the end would be saddening to many fans, including me.


Barney’s reunion with father:  The last time Barney met his real father, things didn’t end well and we weren’t sure if the father will make an appearance again. Barney always have had issues with his absentee father and resented him for not being around to act as a parent eventually leaving him and his mother for another family. So will he give him the honor of participating in his wedding? Will Barney able to manage it?


Robin-Barney Wedding: After a lot of ups and downs, these two are finally getting married but still have 56hours to go before the wedding. When last seen in season 8, Robin has been having second doubts of whether Barney is really ready to settle down with her? Even Ted’s feelings for Robin resurfaced in the last few episodes finding it difficult for him to let go. So will the writers play with the Ted-Robin-Barney love triangle? I sure hope not!


The Mother: And finally and for obvious reasons the Mother! We know she is the Mother because of two reasons; a) She entered the scene with a yellow umbrella and b) Her first dialogue was, “One ticket to Farhampton, please.” As much as we are happy to finally have met the mother now it remains to be seen how she meets the father that is Ted and how this love story completes the main plot of the show.

Get ready to catch the final season from 23rd September onwards and like always it will consist of 24 episodes and probably if rumours are to be believed then a tale of two weddings!

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