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Indian commercials for winter – December surely marks the honeymoon period for all the people in love making awesome ever lasting memories.

The month of December brings loads of special celebrations – most marriages happen during this time, romantic weather makes the feelings warmer, love, romance, honeymoon, etc.

December surely marks the honeymoon period for all the people in love making awesome ever lasting memories.

The Indian ad industry has tapped this insight and has brilliantly worked on this idea to sell some of their products.

For example the below ‘Cadbury Dairy Milk ad’ shows romance experimenting with snow fights and sells the product.

Cadbury has been known to play their USP along the lines of festivities and seasons.

This ad is a perfect ad for winter season. Chocolate, romance and snow fights amongst couples are beautifully linked to each other.

Some winter wear ads have also lived up to the classic representation of romance explored through the medium of advertisement.

For example this very old ad of Monte Carlo Collection would just make you go mushy and cuddle your partner this season.

Aww, seriously this ad film goes beyond than just romance. It goes deep exploring the complexities of relations and the winter collections representing the mood of the season.

They have beautifully combined the winter season as a whole (the complexities with respect to extreme cold to pleasantly cold) to the love angle that has depth of layers of emotions attached.

The tag line reads love the season for ‘Monte Carlo’ completely summarizing the story idea.

Even the modern age ad of ‘Monte Carlo Thermal Wear’ explore the same romantic angle but this one has a quirkier story.

The ad of ‘Ponds Cold Cream’ plays on the relation of friendship.

The season is connected to the warmth you tend to seek in a friend. The unattached cold feeling welcomes a warm gesture. That could be a beginning to a budding friendship.

Also the use of tapri ki chaai (tea stall experience) adds all the more flavor to the season where you start enjoying the warm winter-some moment.

Below ad is a classic winter ad that defies taking the common route of exploring only emotional connect.

Amul Body Warmer:

It experiments the scope for comedy with respect to this season. Instead of tackling harsh winter with warm gestures or heated romance this ad directly sells the product and says the jingle ‘bye bye thandi’.

It makes a direct message without beating around the bush. The funny scenes example the ‘Draupadi vastraharan’ scene has Draupadi enjoying the saree being removed as Amul Body Wear has secured her from severe cold.

The creativity has been completely out of the box with a funny approach to portray the winter season.

These ads using the USP to the aspects of winter season has lured the audience giving a seasonal flavor to the ads.

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