#Tytler Remark: Did Amrinder Just Gift Amritsar To Jaitley?

He has given ‘œclean chit’ to Jagdish Tytler, who is accused of inciting communal tensions during the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

Congress leader Capt Amrinder Singh committed suicide today.

Yes, political suicide on the eve of election. He has given “clean chit” to Jagdish Tytler, who is accused of inciting communal tensions during the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. And the result was instant. Workers of Shiromani Akali Dal protested outside the Congress office in Delhi after his ‘brave’ act.

Singh is contesting from Amritsar seat.

Protestors shouted slogans holding placards who were water-cannoned for trying to break the barricades and enter the premises of the party office.

Singh, who was once the Chief Minister of Punjab, said during an interview with NDTV that when he spoke to victims of the riots, none of them mentioned the Congress leader’s name among those they accused.

“Remember I resigned in ’84. I was the first man to reach Delhi after the riots started and I stayed there… I met everyone including Sajjan Kumar, HKL Bhagat… except Jagdish Tytler…When did Tytler’s name come up. It came up when he was fighting (the parliamentary elections) against Madan Lal Khurana in Delhi,” he said.

Last year, a Delhi court had ordered a reinvestigation into Tytler’s role during the riots in 1984, despite the initial clean chit. Tytler was denied a ticket to contest Lok Sabha polls on a Congress ticket in 2009 and was forced to withdraw his nomination papers after talk with the party high command.

Meanwhile, Singh’s sympathy for Tytler gave BJP leader and candidate from Amritsar Arun Jaitley an opportunity to downsize the Congress party. Jaitley has termed the 1984 riots “state sponsored violence who’s guilty still remain unpunished”.

“They were given a safe passage to loot and kill. For years, the FIRs were not registered. No arrests were made. The violence was politically rationalised by the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi,” he wrote in his blog.

Taking Singh head on he wrote, “It is for the investigating and judicial process to find out the truth. Why has captain Amarinder Singh become the ‘Devil’s Advocate’ and decided to offer a clean chit to Jagdish Tytler? Is he trying to prejudge the guilt of a person who is perceived to be involved in the riots? Is personal and political relationship more important to the Captain than the interest of the victims?”

He further said it was only the NDA government who appointed the Justice Nanavati Commission of Inquiry which came out with the truth. “The fact that innocents can be killed in thousands is terrible. What is worse is that the guilty went unpunished. The collusion of the state was visible. None of the rioters were fired upon by police. For years, FIRs were not registered. The violence was politically rationalized by the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi,” he said.

Attacking the then Congress government, he said, “Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission, appointed by the Congress government, provided a cover-up for the state-sponsored violence. After retirement, this judge was rewarded with a Rajya Sabha nomination by the Congress party.”

A war of words was started after this as Singh clarified his stand. He said that he has note given “clean chit” to Tytler. He said he had only stated what he had heard from the people immediately after the riots broke out in New Delhi after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984.

“It is not for the first time I have said so. I have been saying it for the past 30 years, but why is it now that Akalis and BJP have woken up and decided to protest?” he asked while adding, “for the obvious reasons they want to polarise people for petty political reasons as they are badly losing across Punjab, Amritsar in particular.”

But the damage has been done and it seems the captain has gifted Amritsar to Jaitley.

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