#TVAttack: Sonia’s Desperate Appeal For Saving Herself

She does not have answers to the crises that the country is in. And yet she chooses to invoke the ‘˜Bhartiyata’ and ‘˜Hindustaniyat’ inside us.

There was three minutes of silence everywhere on Monday night. Congress president Sonia Gandhi addressed janta ‘PM-style’ on television appealing to the voters to steer clear the country of “divisive” forces in ongoing elections.

Perhaps for the first time, she referred to her foreign origin in her address in order to make a point with the voters. She began her address, in Hindi, by praising the core principles of Indian culture and added that she, as a foreigner, learnt these beliefs from the countrymen.

“I learnt these (the beliefs) from you, as you made me one of your own,” she said.

Elaborating on the subject she said, “What are these values that are the very heart and soul of our motherland? They are love, respect, harmony and brotherhood. In a word, non-violence.”

“It is this, very heart and soul of India, that we are fighting to protect in this election, from those who seek to change it, and to divide us,” she added making a veiled reference to Narendra Modi and BJP.

“The Congress ideology and vision, will continue to take us towards a healthy, free democracy open to the light of change and transformation. Their vision, clouded with hatred and falsehood, their ideology, divisive and autocratic, will drive us to the ruination of our Bharatiyata, our Hindustaniyat,” she said.

She urged voters to have faith in the Congress and spelled out the vision of the party claiming that the governance will not be in the hands of few. “My heart says you will choose the right path and not the wrong path. The right path is the path of the Congress,” she said.

While it was nice to hear from Sonia about ‘Bhartiyata’, her words referred to her own party at times indirectly. If we talk about divisive politics, the Congress chief has given us example of how it is done. She urged the Muslim voters to come out and vote for Congress. She even poached Imam Bukhari who issued a fatwa in the party’s favour.

If we talk about hatred and falsehood, the Congress party stands out in fanning them. There have been the most severe kind of riots in Congress regime. They have yet not been able to get Sikhs justice for the 1984 riots. And can she deny the fact that her late husband was the one who supported anti-Sikh riots?

And how can she even say that the right path lies with Congress? From top to bottom the ministers are tainted. The Prime Minister is the weakest that the Indian history has ever seen and possible will ever see. The Congress party is full of dirty secrets and sycophancy for one family. And she claims that the ‘governance will not be in the hands of few’! How does she plan to prove it?

It should be noted that she does not speak about bad or good governance, she does not speak about corruption, and she does not speak about the policy paralysis that her (virtually) government has been in from past 10 years. It is because she does not have answers to the crises that the country is in. And yet she chooses to invoke the ‘Bhartiyata’ and ‘Hindustaniyat’ inside us.

Interestingly, her address comes at a time when the major voting in the multi-phase election is going to be done on April 17 for 121 Lok Sabha seats.

Gandhi knows very well that once BJP government is formed at the centre, she will be forced to live at her ancestral home in Italy mentioned in her affidavit for multiple cases will be registered and opened against the corrupt Congress leaders including herself.

The bleak future that she has created herself will erode her wealth, power and dignity.

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