The AAP Story: Theatrics Harming Membership, Harnessing Money

The poor Lali had donated Rs 500 to AAP and he feels cheated. But who are these people who keep donating in six figures despite the charades?

Do you expect funding of a party to increase when it is marred with news of candidate returning tickets and people being well aware of its lies? No? But the story of Aam Aadmi Party is different.

Over 50 AAP workers from Ghaziabad, 40 in Kanpur and 50 in Trivandrum have joined BJP. Same is the story with Bangalre, Maharastra, Bihar and other places in UP.

Several star candidates including Jaspinder Narula and Savita Bhatti, wife of late Jaspal Bhatti, left AAP and returned the LS ticket. Bhatti even fired an e-mail to AAP leaders saying that she was ‘not interested’ in running for Lok Sabha on party’s ticket.

Candidate from Etah, Dilip Yadav, Mukul Tripathi from Farrukhabad (against Congress minister Salman Khurshid), Judge Fakhruddin from Raebarelli (against Sonia Gandhi), Agra candidate Ravinder Singh , from Ajmer Ajay Somani, Rajesh Padam from Jalandhar, and Mahender Singh from North-West Delhi have returned their tickets.

Apart from these, there are many names who refused to run on party ticket in Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha.

Most of these candidates cited the corruption within party. Mahender Singh had alleged that former cabinet minister of Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government, Rakhi Birla, had demanded Rs 7 lakh for campaigning for him.

Mukul Tripathi, who had exposed Khurshid’s embezzlement scam was finding it difficult to talk to party leadership. He was spending from his own pocket and was not getting any support from the party.

The ToI report regarding dropouts and fund problems said: “When asked if the party was indeed worried about the recent dropouts, AAP leader Manish Sisodia said, “We had publicly announced that we would not be able to provide financial support or resources to candidates. It is an election of the aam aadmi and those who feel they cannot challenge the status quo can leave. This is the new kind of politics.”

But the twist to the story comes here. There is hardly any funding problem with AAP. The theatrics that kejriwal and his party have been indulging in has been generating humungous amount of money.

Let’s have a look at the reports that confirm it:

New Indian express: The attack on AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal here seems to have turned a boon for the party, with people donating over Rs.65 lakh, double the amount it got in the past few days,  in a day towards its poll fund. Many donated to protest against the incident.

According to the AAP’s donation cell, the party has to temporarily remove the live donation list and trends, as there was unprecedented traffic on the donation servers after the incident.

The last updated data showed over Rs.65 lakh by 826 donors from across the world. On Monday, the AAP had received only Rs.29 lakh from 1,158 donors. “Such incidents strengthen people’s faith in the party as more and more people donate for us, lending support to our principles. Our fight will continue whatever may happen,” said an AAP leader.

DNA: On Tuesday (March 4) AAP received online donations of around Rs6.67 lakh by 377 donors. But on Wednesday after Kejriwal was detained, the online donation saw a huge increase – nearly four times jump — with party clocking online donation of around Rs24.05 lakh by 1,544 donors.

On 6 March, till 8 pm, AAP had received around Rs20.02 lakh by 1,133 donors.

Kejriwal resigned as Delhi CM on February 14 evening and then on February 15 it got online donation of around Rs29.45 lakh and on February 16 AAP around Rs 25.59 lakh. The AAP had also got good amount of funds, around Rs20 lakhs, after Kejriwal’s rally in Rohtak.

The Hindu: The government’s move to probe alleged foreign funding to the Aam Aadmi Party seems to have gone in favour of the party. By Tuesday, the daily donation to the AAP had increased six-fold, a development for which party leader Arvind Kejriwal thanked the BJP and the Congress. On a normal day, the AAP gets Rs. 5-6 lakh as donations, but on Tuesday, around 2,400 people came forward to donate a total of over Rs.30 lakh. The party had on Wednesday received donations of over Rs.19 lakh till 8 p.m., taking the party coffer to Rs.19.65 crore.

The way funding of the party increases every time AAP is cornered must have given a cue to the party leaders. It will not be an exaggeration if we assume that it may be the possible reason behind every attacker (except for the auto driver Lali Prasad) turning out to be one of their own.

Ink attacks, egg attacks, slaps, punches and shoe hurling – everything has happened and Kejriwal is now screaming like Rahul Gandhi that he may be killed, but he refuses to take security. He refuses to acknowledge the fact that these attackers were his own men. And he refuses to accept that there is some problem with his style of politics.

The poor Lali had donated Rs 500 to AAP and he feels cheated. But who are these people who keep donating in six figures despite the charades?

Kejriwal and his men may not care about anything because moolah is what they are raking…

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