Mandate tilt by noon: BJP inching towards 4-0

It will be more clear in the evening whether this anti-Congress wave is bigger than pro-Modi wave.

When counting for assembly election results started in the morning for the four states, the Bhartiya Janata Party had a headstart in Rakasthan and Madhya Pradesh, it was definitely leading in Delhi but with Aam Aadmi party making its government-making prospect a bit problematic, and in Chhatisgrah it was a neck-to-neck fight between it and Congress.

By the noon, the leads started showing it a possibility of forming government in Delhi and having lead, although only with a few seats, in Chhatisgarh too.

The famous campaign lines for BJP, which were given by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, “Suraj niklega, andhera chhatega, kamal khilega” (sun will rise, darkness will go and the lotus will bloom) are coming true.

In Delhi, the BJP is leading on 34 seats with AAP on 25 and Congress limited to a single number of 8 seats. Three time chief minister Sheila Dikshit has resigned because she is trailing by more than 14,000 votes from AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal. But despite AAP’s wonderful debute, BJP can form government with the help of its ally SAD which has 3 seats in its bag.

In Chhatisgarh, BJP is leading on 48 seats and Congress on 40. By the evening, the picture will become more clear which is bound to go the BJP way.

In Madhya Pradesh, BJP has a clear mandate with 154 seats, while Congress is leading on 63 seats. There are 13 seats in the bag of others. While in Rajasthan, BJP has 150 seat lead with Congress limited to two digits of 27seats and others having 22 seats.

The way Congress is being diminished shows that the people are voting on the anti-Congress wave which has gripped the country. The Narendra Modi impact is clearly visible because in Delhi, BJP was almost nil before he came. After Modi’s presence and anointment of Dr Harsh Vardhan, the dramatic change in the vote cast is a manifestation of Modi surge.

In Rajasthan and MP, the BJP leadership was itself capable of bringing the change but it was not considered this big. The Modi effect has been doing wonders for the party.

In Chhatisgarh, the loss of few seats is definitely due to the sympathy wave for Congress due to Naxal attacks on its leadership. But the mandate there cannot be taken as anti-incumbency. Till now,the BJP is only leading.

The results are showing that the people are choosing the alternative as shown in Delhi mandate. The BJP is becoming a choice surely because there is a strong anti-Congress wave.

But it will be more clear in the evening whether this anti-Congress wave is bigger than pro-Modi wave.

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