How Relevant Is A Typical School And College Education In These Changing Times?

Importance of education in changing time – With changing times, need of the society and industry is changing. However, the face of education looks almost the same like it was in past few decades. How relevant is it?

The world is changing pretty fast and so are the requirements of a fast-evolving society.

Education is considered to be the great leveller and one of the foundation-stones to build an individual’s life upon.

However, the current changes in the world are constantly questioning the relevance of education system being followed in the country since independence.

There is no doubt that schools are an indispensible part of education system.


These are the institutions which provide the base on which a child can build his dream-life and contribute positively to the society. But the increasing pressure on a child in terms of competition, scoring marks, getting admissions in higher institutions etc is taking a toll on the quality of life. It is having an adverse impact not only on the child, but also on the parents. With more and more focus on getting higher and higher percentages, the purpose of education is getting diluted. Instead of learning, the objective is to rote and score marks!

In such a scenario, what is the way out?

There are certain students who are born talented and have a skill-set, which if given importance from early years can lead to the child living up to his potential.

An example can be of musicians who start their training and riyaz as early as 3-4years of age.

By the time they are adults, they are already masters in their field and ready to share their learning with others.


This is what the government and policy-makers need to look into when they consider education. Not every child is same, so they should not be treated with same benchmarks. Basic education is definitely necessary, as it comes handy to secure a dignified job in case nothing else works.

But that should not become the primary criteria of education.

A child, who has the talent and an inclination towards a different subject than what is being taught in the school, should be given the independence to pursue that interest. If, for example, a child has interest in writing, he/she should be encouraged to develop the craft of writing instead of pressurising the child to study subject which are of no relevance. In the process, the school authorities and government should be able to develop a mechanism that such students can pursue their subject of interest while at the same time they don’t face any hurdles in getting the required degrees for their future security.


Obviously, the benchmarks might have to be changed, the guidelines will have to be tweaked, but then if a society has to prosper and grow, it can only do so on the basis of few gifted individuals who need to be cared for and guided correctly right from their childhood!

They shouldn’t be burdened with the pressures of scoring high marks in school and colleges to be accepted as successful!

Let’s hope our education minister understands the changing needs of society and takes relevant and radical steps to overhaul the education system which is on the borderline of getting obsolete.

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