Ten Things Every School Must Teach Youngsters Apart From Manners, Disciplines Studies.

Things that school must teach

Things that school must teach – Ever felt that it would have been nice if things other than subjects, discipline etc could in the school or college curriculum?!

I am sure most of you might have regret for the same.

Many times, I felt it could be more helpful if the schools and colleges teach things that are out of the regular curriculum. Yes, that would be of great help to the students that face the world later on.

With the changing technology and changes in the generation, a need for other things like the money management, work-personal life balance, time management etc have been felt.

Here, are the Things that school must teach, apart from discipline, manner etc to upcoming generations. I am sure, you all at some point of time felt the same. Check it out.

Things that school must teach

1 – Work and personal life balance

Never have I come across schools or colleges teaching the same. The schools and colleges always focussed on mathematics, science, different languages etc. if the balance techniques of the work and personal life was taught – I feel a lot of them would smile away from stress.

2 – Grasping power of the subjects

How nice would it be if the school taught methods that could help us all in being toppers.

Things that school must teach

3 – Money management

Not financial management exactly, but still. A lot of money or the income is getting wasted by many people, just because they are unable to plan and manage.

Things that school must teach

4 – Basic survival skills

Living just like that doesn’t actually make any sense. You know certain skills like the cooking, making up a happy family, swimming etc are needed. Because you never know when life is gonna throw a challenge.

Things that school must teach

5 – Relationships

Handling and dealing with relationships is never that easy, at least not these days. Seems like one needs to use both heart and brain to stand on a relationship.

Things that school must teach

6 – Personal mental health

Stress now-a-days has become a common phenomenon. Dealing with stress and other work-related problems is very essential for every one today. Life will be a mess if the stress is not dealt with. Wish the schools could teach it.

Things that school must teach

7 – Hmm, taxes

Now-a-day taxes is a big thing. And a lot of people don’t understand the how to deal with it. That’s exactly when I feel – it would have been great if I was taught about it.

Things that school must teach

8 – Cooking

Learning to cook is no wrong right?! And yes, happiness is cooking favourite meal for the loved ones.

Things that school must teach

9 – Thinking out of the box

Yes, this is one thing that keeps me always regretting. It gets very tough of think about things and situation from different perspectives.

Things that school must teach

10 – Handling office politics

Though this seem to be a simple one, hurts and gets hold of one’s mind and heart easily. It would be nice and great if the schools taught how to deal with people and nasty politics.

Things that school must teach

These are the things that school must teach – So that was it. At some point of time, even you might have felt the need for such thing be taught at schools or college. And finally, it would be better if such things get incorporated in the school and college curriculum for better living of people.

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