Being A Woman, You Can Be A Natural At Office Politics!

History holds the evidences that women have proven to be the most conspiring creatures who turned the biggest battles in their favour all together, owing to their charm and skillful brains.

Are you a woman?

Do you enjoy dealing with office politics?

Well, if the answer is yes, I am not surprised at all.

Becoming politically savvy is not always viewed as a wholesome, worthy goal for men only, despite the fact that the mere mention of the word “politics” triggers negative connotations among any gender. It is an equal territory for women employees too.

A Senior Finance Manager who happens to be a woman had said “I refuse to exchange cards and manipulate to get ahead”. Yet she was frustrated after she was passed over for promotion twice. The two male colleagues who were promoted ahead of her were less qualified, but excelled at politicking.


Guess what, being  a woman, you have some natural traits that you can effectively use to navigate through office politics and emerge as a gainer.

In her article titled Seven Career Killers, author Erin Burt warns “avoiding politics altogether can be deadly for your career. Every workplace has an intricate system of power, and you can; and you should; work it ethically to your best advantage.”

If you are a woman, you can make use of inborn qualities while you learn how to:

  • Rise above power plays and interpersonal conflicts – Bring in the natural trait of understanding
  • Build a reputation as a go-to person, expert, or leader – Bring in the natural trait of charm
  • Gain access to resources, information and opportunities – Bring in the natural trait of inquisitiveness
  • Influence outcomes and get buy-in for ideas and initiatives – Bring in the natural traits of dominance

As you acquire the ability to navigate office politics effectively, I encourage you to let go of negative assumptions about office politics, and consider these alternate perspectives, because, being a woman naturally equips you with this power to adapt the change, with a smile.

  • New Perspective #1: Replace the word “Politics” with the term “Organizational Awareness”. Doesn’t that sound better already?
  • New Perspective #2: Workplace politics is all about understanding communication and relationships, which women can excel at.
  • New Perspective #3: Make a personal commitment to use your organizational awareness in a way that is ethical and authentic.

Now that you are armed with a positive perspective, consider taking smart steps to use office politics to your strategic advantage.

By changing your perspective on politics, and using your inherent skills to your benefit, you can dramatically improve your opportunities for recognition and advancement.

Be a woman, be a smart one at it!

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