Here Are 10 Ways On How To Spot An Office Bully And To Deal With Them Cleverly!

office bully

Office Bullies! Those namakool types people in the office who wouldn’t just let you breathe and make every possible effort to make your life in the office, a living hell!

You simply cannot escape them! They are the hunters who are always ready to prey the innocent humans and eat them alive! The only feeling that I get when I see one is to poke my fingers into their ribs and pretend that my fingers are sharp knives, and keep swirling them around till my heart and brain are satiated enough!

Enough said! Let us find out some effective ways How To Spot An Office Bully and deal with them cleverly. This is going to help you tremendously if you are new in your job.

  1. Office Bully Will Plainly Disagree To Whatever You Say

They actually take classes in how to irritate people by contradicting to their ideas and insertions. If you simply say, “I am hungry”, they would definitely contradict to it by saying, “No you aren’t, you are just too over starved”! Well, really?

Here’s How To Deal

Learn to see through them. IGNORE!


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