5 Ways To Get A Raise Without Asking For It

Salary raise

On a general note, corporate workers wait for their annual review to get a Salary raise, unless they are awarded with perks or bonuses for working under stressful circumstances.

In this tight economy, where jobs are hard to come by, a number of employees expect raises coming their way at the end of a fiscal year. But, there’s always an alternative for every problem.

Instead of passively accepting any Salary raise coming your way, you can easily get a raise for your work. We share with you a few ways you could get a salary raise without asking for it.

How to get salary raise?

Add more value

Every employer wants the same thing from you. The more gain you bring them, the more will be your value from their perspective. Gain could be via any means- brining new customers or cutting costs by vendors you’ve worked in the past- anything you do that helps the business grow, adds value to your work.

Something beyond expectation

Getting more done with less, is generally, what every employee feels is the recruiter’s motive. However, if you do anything more than what your job profile asks for, you will get noticed in a positive way. Make time to take value adding projects which though no one asked you to take up, you did it in a totally unexpected way. Doing something good, that was not expected of you, makes you stand high in the eyes of your employer, which in turn makes him/her give you a raise.

Make yourself irreplaceable

Being the efficient backbone of the organization does not come cheap. Employees who wish to excel at work are always inquisitive and eager to learn about new things. Their thirst for knowledge is never ending. Also, no organization is without a vision. If you’ve become an important part of the vision, you’re probably that employee the company cannot do without. Be consistent and learn-even from your juniors. Resolve to tactful and effective ways to become irreplaceable in the organization.

Volunteer for off-profile tasks

Nothing proves you a better team player than volunteering for a task, no one wants to take responsibility for. Be it organizing an event, or getting all employees aboard for a new program, you volunteering for it, is going to prove you a good team leader, apart from understanding what the company expects from every employee.

Promote team leader

The oldest trick in the book- I am not talking about buttering your boss to get a raise. But there’s no harm in appreciating your boss when he/she deserves it. Making your team leader look great by doing excellent job and showcasing their achievements, mentioning them in your achievement, makes you move a level up, as compared to your colleagues.

You know there is more than one way to make yourself shine. So having something on your plate that stimulates your presence and working nature, is going to  get you salary raise, even when you don’t ask for it.

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