Why Do You Need To Remind Yourself About Your Achievements Once In A While


Achievements – Every single human that is or has walked this earth has had his own dream.

But not everyone gets to live the dream- harsh, but true. Some achieve it partially and some don’t even get a start, but the image you have in your mind, after your dream comes true, is your biggest motivating factor.

When I was in college, I used to write regularly in my personal journal. But stepping into the corporate sector, after graduation, it became really tough to maintain it. The previous day when I took it out after a long time to write about what I had missed, I felt elated when I read about things I had thought of back then. The memory of thinking about what my achievements would be five years from then, made me nostalgic. Hardly had I thought then, that I would land up where I am today.

If you have been unsuccessful in anything you wanted, for a long time, maybe you should consider sitting and looking at your achievements in the past and learning from them. Successful people do that once in a while, and their gates to be even more happy and satisfied keeps getting wider at every attempt. We tell you why you should think of your achievements at least once in a while. Read on.

Change in your mindset

During harsh times, when you give up on everything, taking a look into history that talks of your success stories and achievements could prove a big motivation for you. Every time you fail, think about what made you be successful in your achievements. The feeling will not just change the way you look at things presently, but will also keep you going far from what you thought of yourself.

More patience

Talking of patience, I am somebody who is very impatient when it comes to anything regarding my career, especially when things do not go as I planned. And that happens quite often. The best part is that I know it is only for a period and will pass. All I do then is writing. Writing about what made me feel bad and why did I grow impatient, thinking that maybe someday in future reading about this may help me deal a situation with ease, is something you would do only for yourself.

Loving yourself

It may not sound good when you boast about something that your peers don’t have, but your love for yourself is only a fragment of how you ignore your negatives and live with your positives. Your achievements are a result of your positives. Time and out when you think of those positives which led to your achievements, your strength will get accentuated and you will feel how important are you.

Your achievements are a result of your hard work, struggle and attitude. Good or bad times, do not matter. What matters is how you tackle them, and nothing better than your motivation from past achievements to handle any situation you feel you are in.

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