A Leader’s Guide To Motivating Employees In Tough Times

Guide to motivating employees

Guide to motivating employees – Building a business is risky. When times are tough and the team at work is nervous, as a leader, it’s your responsibility to help them stay focused and engaged, and nothing better than motivation in those times.

No team building exercise or apat on the shoulder helps when a business that has just started off, starts to decline. Everybody handles stress differently. However, when it comes to your team at work, it is advised that you follow at slightly different approach to rebuild their spirits.

Here are a few ways you can motivate your employees when your start-up is going through a tough time.

Guide to motivating employees –

Their importance

Employees, experienced or not, may need frequent assurances. Give them access to your time and be honest with them. You have them on your new business because of a reason. Tell them how much do they mean to the company. Ordering employees to work the heck out, while being inaccessible, generally turns out to be counterproductive.

Emphasize purpose

When you started your business, it is very likely that you were motivated or inspired by something, which led to your decision. That is what keeps you driven towards your goals. Your employees are no different. If you see a lack in motivation, it’s probably because they don’t see the purpose anymore. Remind them of what they talked about when you hired them. Help them see how perfectly they fit in your start-up.

What excites them

They say the best motivation is self-motivation. While you cannot induce that within them, pay attention to what they are talking about and the situation they are talking about. It’s quite possible that they are giving you clues (knowingly or unknowingly) on what’s best to motivate them in that hour of need.

Interchange responsibilities

A number of times employees cannot think of a solution because of their monotonous profile. Try interchanging the job roles for every employee in the team. Quite often, an employee who’s new in a job role or on a project comes up with something that did not strike the one working on it since a long time. The process will not only be a change for them, but will also encourage them to think of something new.

Stand with them, no matter what

It is easy to blame others for your failure. But a true leader stands with the team no matter what. Blaming your team or a member particularly, will never make you as successful as you wish to be. Remember that you want them more than they want this job. Recognize and acknowledge their success. Nothing better than appreciation of work, to avoid defensive employees.

Guide to motivating employees – Leaders need to be a constant source of motivation and inspiration, because the team looks up to the leader in good as well as bad times. Motivating employees need not cost you a fortune every time. All you need to do is to connect with them.

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