Literature Graduate? Know Your Career Options

Literature graduate

Literature graduate – Thank you, for coming here. So, you are the person of literature, right?

Then like many of us, you must have been taunted by many, that why taking a feminine subject? You would have no career options other than being a teacher. You would never be able to earn much…. And bla..bla..bla. It’s very obvious when people are so much obsessed by medical, engineering and management jobs, which promises lakhs of income a literature graduate is typed into the ‘banda (no gender bias, it’s for you both) for just roti, kapda aur makan’. It’s the effect of old school philosophy, which typed literature as a subject of teacher.

Other than that, you don’t have any option.

Literature graduate

With changing time, the scenario is shifting, now English literature is one of such subjects, which open myriads of opportunities for the its people. So, keep calm and tick ‘literature’ as your subject with confidence. Here, we would debunk the existing literature-teacher myth, by giving you list of at least seven career options, where you can excel with your subject. All you need dedication & determination for work, to shine in the field. No subject is superior or inferior; when it enlightens you it’s always the best.

Literature graduate

While studying English literature the students get scope to nurture their creativity, which makes them unique. As a result, they achieve excellence in creating ideas and plans, which the mechanical minds cannot. They can decode abstract concepts & ideas which helps in explaining various thoughts with symbolisms. When an engineer plans a house, the literature student weaves the dream to make it a home. They have the ability to convert concrete into emotion.

Graduating in the subject doesn’t mean just gaining expertise, but it’s much beyond that. Spending time amongst great authors, philosophers and poets, the student automatically imbibes the habit of researching and investigating things, to understand and interpret one thing in different ways.

Before we continue, go through the list of career options available for Literature graduate :

  • To start with, we have one of the impressive career options, which every book lover would ponder upon. It’s the job of a librarian, which means you will get the scope to read piles of books without spending a penny. Not only that, you would earn a good amount of money for taking care of the treasures of knowledge. What a job satisfaction for a book lover!
  • Have passion for writing? If playing with words is like Virat playing with the ball, then who can stop you from being a writer. You can try your pen in copy-writing, content-writing, blogging, script-writing or in publishing your works and earning loyalty. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking cap and pen down the magical words.
  • When you have a good writing skill and fluency in the language, then you can easily get into the news channels as an editor or news reader. And may zip the lips of the panelists, like Arnab does in his debates!
  • When you have a hold on the language, speak it like the native and have a witty mind, then the next profession can be of an orator.
  • After completing your graduation in English literature, you can learn a foreign language which can bolster you career as a translator.
  • Next is the most prestigious government job in the country, the job of a civil servant. After your graduation you can sit for the UPSC exams and crack it to be the next IAS, IPS or IFS. What more to ask for?
  • If you decide to carry forward your education, then enroll yourself for the Masters, take the CBSE-NET exam and be a If you want to complete the whole journey of education, then enroll yourself as a research scholar and show the people around you that literature can also rule the employment sector.

Literature graduate

Other fields where you can try are BPO sectors, public relations field and also in the management field. Remember sky is the limit, for those who don’t give up. An honest and consistent hard-work never goes in vain. Next time if any one taunts or makes fun of you, tell them to meet you after five years. Nothing is impossible in this world, a ship with a sailor powered with knowledge and skill never loses its way.

These are the career options for Literature graduate – Make sure you keep on upgrading yourself with the trend and reinforce your place in the field. Register in your mind, that your pen is mightier than sword. Bonne chance!

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