These Life Style Changes Can Make You A Better Enterpreneur

Better enterpreneur – Do you wonder why some people slog from 9 to 5 while there are others who build their own businesses, and grow into business owners capable of taking their own decisions and acting as their own boss?

It is not about money or opportunity, neither is it an out-of-the-box idea that takes successful entrepreneurs to magical or miraculous levels.

It is only about thinking differently and changing your mind set as well as your lifestyle accordingly.

However exciting, enthralling and attractive an opportunity entrepreneurship might sound, it is indeed tough to manage firstly growing your idea, creating something out of it, promotion and marketing of your concept, gathering people who can support you for the cause, building up on the capital, and last but not the least, making a team and handling your team members.

To know how you can be that employee who is different from the others, you would have to know about what perspectives and thought-process you need to develop that would mark you as tad different from the herd:

Better enterpreneur –

Create Different Ideas and Research on Their Feasibility

To be a Better enterpreneur, you can start by writing down your ideas every once in a while or on a regular basis and find out how practically feasible the concept is or even if it is original. If someone else has worked on the same or a similar concept, how successful has that person been in terms of money and fame is all you need to research, before concluding that this is something you need to/want to work upon and gathering resources for the same. However, do not step back from a concept, thinking that it is big and you might not be able to pave your way through the thick storms that might come your way in this endeavour. Many companies that have started from a small level dreamed big and aimed to achieve their dreams and well yes, they did! Instamojo and InOpen Technologies are just few names in India that are doing pretty well though they never knew they could be this big at the time they started.

Learn to take risks and overcome fears each day. These risks would enable you to sow higher benefits than what you had thought of reaping at the initial stage.


Gradual Persistent Efforts would take you to new heights

There might be many roadblocks and pitfalls like less number of employees, financial crunches and the likes so you must put dedicated efforts for product/service development and marketing, and instead of being content at each step the business grows, plan your next move and efforts you need to put in for enhancing your business opportunities. You need to be patient and persistent however, if you seek results on these efforts.


Finding Out About Competitors Rather Than Criticizing Them

If you want to sustain in the industry that your business thrives in, you would have to know your competitors in and out – what they do differently, their profit margins, their experiences, what they aim to achieve, et al. You will then come to know how your business idea is different from theirs already or what features if incorporated would make your business idea a unique one. These unique features and special attributes of your business that differentiate you from your rival companies can be a part of your personal branding programme and marketing initiatives.


Mistakes are Common and Nobody is a Perfectionist

Just repeat this line after me. You are sure to feel a spirit of confidence and hopeful of achieving success someday. If you want to earn profits and be a successful and better entrepreneur, you would have to ditch perfection in every sense of the word, howsoever perfect your idea and your plan to execute the idea might be. Just don’t try to make your workplace a perfect place or your products and services perfect ones, as striving for imperfection gives the opportunity to learn more, grow more and improve more. You have to work keeping in mind what you want to attain at the end of it and not focus on the unnecessary nitty-gritties of the business.

Also, do not be afraid of making mistakes as humans are erroneous and you must never keep yourself away from the notion. However, try not to repeat them and learn a lesson each time you or your company makes a mistake by first acknowledging them and then finding out ways in which you can avoid this mistake for the time ahead.


Follow a Strict Regime

Just the way you follow exercise and diet regimes to attain that perfectly toned body, your business too needs you to have decorum in your life to achieve your goals and work in the right direction.


Take Others’ Views on Your Ideas and Work Plans

Better enterpreneur – Some people might have a different opinion to you and you will need to patiently listen to what others have to opine sometimes, if you wish to expand your business and not keep your directives too rigid. You may be even taken by surprise to know what others’ perspectives are on your business idea and the execution of the same.


Forget your work-life balance in the initial stages of entrepreneurship

Better enterpreneur – If you can make your business your life, your goal, your career and everything, you can have a better understanding of how far you have reached in your business goals and how much more you need to attain to gain success. You have to eat, sleep, drink, walk, talk and live your entrepreneurship and would have to restrain from separating your business from you once you are at home.


Better Enterpreneur – So prepare better for the challenges, think them as opportunities to prove yourself, be passionate about what you do and how you achieve it and think big, take swift decisions, and do not forget to trust yourself as well as your start-up team if you want to touch the sky. Dream Big and achieve new milestones! All the best for a successful start-up! Do comment on what makes you a unique and better entrepreneur.

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