Stop Exerting Yourself And Learn Ways To Say NO !

learn how to say NO

You have been under heaps of work, so much so that you are not able to figure out time for even yourself .

No social gatherings, no parties or maybe you have just been free after weeks and finally have a weekend for yourself which you want to enjoy doing things you love but in amidst all your plans comes a close friend who ask your help in doing some of his work.

Now here comes the thing, you don’t have the time for it or you simply don’t want to do it but you don’t know how to say no because he is a good friend perhaps a close one and you are scared your NO would hurt him and so unwillingly with a small heart you accept it and then turn yourself crazy for having to do it.

This has happened to so many of us right?

But take a moment and analyze is it worth it? No, it’s not.

So we will try to solve your problem here and tells you some polite ways to excuse yourself when you cannot help somebody. You will learn how to say NO –

learn how to say NO

Learn how to say NO

1 – Don’t keep them in hanging garden!

Yes. Don’t do that. Don’t say you’ll get back to them when you are certain you wouldn’t be able to help them in any way. Keeping someone in hope while knowing its useless is the worst thing and it will make you look bad in the end. So if you are genuinely looking to see if you can do their work amongst your running schedule only then ask them to wait otherwise tell them you tried to make room for their stuff but things aren’t fitting well.

2 – Explain your reasons

Explain them briefly why you cannot do it. Tell them that you would loved to do it for them any other time but right now isn’t the best instance. If they know you well they will understand that you genuinely need the time for yourself.

3 – Provide them with choices

Give them some alternatives which they could use for getting the work done. It will not only help them but you’ll also feel less anxious of having to say no to your friend. Giving them ideas will also make you feel you have tried to do things you could and they will also feel you haven’t turned them down rudely.

4 – DO NOT feel guilty.

It’s not wrong to keep yourself at first once in a while. You need to understand that you need yourself as much as other people need you and maybe more. So do not make yourself feel small about having to turn someone down. Remind yourself of all the instances when you have said ‘yes’ to them before saying one ‘No.’

These are the way you can learn how to say NO – Try these next time when you find yourself in the same kind of tough situation and give yourself the space to breathe by saying No guilt free.

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