How To Interview Your Prospective Manager

Interview prospective manager

Interview prospective manager – It is natural for job seekers to focus on their interview questions and prepare for it accordingly.

You got shortlisted for the interview, because your resume proved you better than the other candidates.

While it is advised to be smart and witty during job interviews, hiring managers also get a glimpse of your confidence through one important thing- what is your reaction to- Would you like to ask us anything?

On a general note candidates think of the question as a point where the hiring manager helps them be comfortable. But, that is not quite the catch. In a way, he/she wants to know how interested are you in the job or the company.

Interview prospective manager – We suggest a few questions you could ask the hiring manager during your job interview. Read on.

Interview prospective manager –

“Tell me about yourself”

You make sure that you leave out nothing important when you answer the question. Telling about yourself, keeping in mind the time constraint, is difficult for you and for anybody else. While the hiring manager knows quite a number of things about now, it is time you knew a little, if not much, about him or her. On a personal level, you may find it a little weird knowing about the hiring manager, but that is how you build contacts. If you bag the job, you’ll have someone who knows about you in the new place, and if not, well, you’ll at least have built a professional contact.

“What have you enjoyed the most about working here?”

Having struck a professional chord already, this question makes the interviewer connect with you more on personal level. When a hiring manager tells you about his/her best experience of working in the organization, it gives you an insight about how could the place turn out to be, for you. Generally, the manager does not hesitate to answer this, in case he does, it’s time you think about accepting the offer letter, if you receive one, that is.

“I want to know more about my job profile”

Obviously, you applied for the job only after you knew of the key skills and job responsibilities required. But the answer might tell you if you’re selected for the job or not. Notice how the recruiter answers it. You asking this question explain two things. First that, your manager gets to know about your enthusiasm regarding profile, and second, you assure the recruiting personnel that you’ll carry your job responsibilities perfectly.

“One major problem you faced while starting with this organization”

Say, that you did not qualify the interview according to the recruiter until you showed your interest in his or her. Asking about the problem faced during his/her initial days with this organization will not only tell you more about the organization, but also will give you a brief insight about the team and work culture.

“Why did I get shortlisted for the interview?”

A great open-ended question, that will make the interviewer put his/her cards on the table. Apart from knowing about the good points in your CV, and what made your CV get shortlisted, it will also showcase your confidence and interactive skills to the hiring manager.

“How is the company growing?”

Before you ask this question, make sure you’ve done your bit of research on the company. Know about their new products and plans and then demonstrate your interest by asking the question. Apart from making the manager interested in hiring you, the question will also tell you about how will you grow with the organization.

Going for an interview does not always mean that you’re going to be interrogated.

Try asking relevant questions to the interviewer.

Interview prospective manager – The cards may switch sides, if the hiring manager likes your inquisitive nature and confidence shown by your questions. Grab the opportunity and get yourself that job.

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