A Brilliant And Easy Way To Sustain Your Education Expenses Abroad!

How to sustain your education expenses abroad – Taking up a side job of teaching English language can come as a great saviour, if you have equipped yourself with the right qualification needed to be a language teacher in a foreign land.

You are taking up a study course in a foreign country and are worried about the jaw dropping expenses that you need to take care of, along with the usual course fee and accomodation.

Well, this is a usual worry one faces while opting to study out, especially when one doesn’t come from an affluent background.

Do not worry!

We have the answer to it.

There are many summer jobs and vocational jobs that one can take up as a student, along with the study, which will also not hamper your hectic study schedules.

One such option is a Teaching Job.

A Language Teaching Job, to be more specific.

If you’re interested in teaching overseas, finding a job before you move there, is a smart step to take. Here are the prerequisites to finding a teaching job in a foreign country.

You Need To Be An Indigenous English Speaker

If you’re considering trying to teach overseas, you should be a native English speaker. Companies and schools that hire language teachers who are good at the language and they also expect that potential teachers have chosen to continue their education in a college or university. A two-year college might not be enough, so plan on a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree. The subject doesn’t always matter, so don’t fret if you don’t have an English or teaching degree. Companies are looking for someone who’s proven their dedication to education and just want to know that you have the commitment level to complete a college degree.

This will help you to take up a job easily.



Consider Taking TESOL Courses

TESOL courses are vital if you’re trying to teach abroad. TESOL stands for ‘Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages’ and these courses are open to any adult native speaker who is interested in teaching overseas. TESOL courses are often available in person and online.

Once the certification is complete, teachers will be able to list it on their resume, leading to an easier job search.



Know What The Country Offers

There are quite a few companies in a number of countries that will allow you to teach English overseas. If you’re moving towards Middle East, teaching in Abu Dhabi, for instance, can be an amazing experience. If Europe is your study destination, a job in a country like Germany, France or Spain, will give you the best experience. If you are going to study in Asian cultures, Japan or Korea are the countries that offer the best English teaching jobs.

Once you know the requirements and the prevailing offers of your destination country, you can focus your efforts on finding employment, in a better manner.



Do You Prefer Teaching In A School Or A Professional Setting?

Another thing to think about is whether you prefer to work with young students or professionals. While most people think about young students in a school setting when they think about becoming a teacher, it’s possible to find a job in a professional workplace. Many overseas companies hire native speakers to come work in their companies. Teachers in a professional setting will likely focus more on business-themed lessons, since their students will be using the language to handle international business deals and form contracts. If you’re working with young students in a school setting, you’ll be focusing more on everyday vocabulary, grammar and other early language skills.


Becoming a teacher, along with being a student, can be an incredibly rewarding experience. But, before you find a job, you need to know how to teach English in the country you are going to, for your further studies. You can equip yourself with a TESOL certification and then determine what age group of students you want to work with.

Once you figure out what you want out of your experience, you’ll have a better time trying to find a job, and to sustain your study expenses in a foreign land.

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