Gardening Hobby Has Turned to Startup Business?

Gardening as a hobby has been a strong mode of interest for growing up as a startup business. After closely knowing about the entrepreneurs who took a turn against simply earning money; it is an inspiration. As the pandemic period moves on the motivation to have “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” takes a steep lift. Slowly everyone is trying to have a small business of their own that will keep them home, rich, and happy.

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Lotus culture of Raj Florals

A young Nurse from Kerala who started his hobby of culturing and growing lotus begins to become a strong entrepreneur. He gave up his job as a nurse as staying far from his family members was growing difficult. During the pandemic that his dedication to growing flowers such as Liang li, a microform of lotus became a famous category in his garden. People started contacting him for this house growing lotus. It can be grown in a bowl that is an amazing beauty from the family of lotus.

Raj Florals is no longer a professional nurse but a farmer with his startup business. His ongoing projects are for KKJ Group International India Pvt Ltd which initiated in October 2020.

Growing Medicinal Plants, Padmaja

Farming is no longer limited to certain crops these couples have proven themselves as business startups. Padmaja and Ravinder Rao from Warangal district stated from their home terrace to culture medicinal plants and herbs. It is for about two years that they have started culturing together.

Different vegetables are beautifully grown, chilies, star-fruits, along with various spinaches are cultured. Flowers such as red hibiscus, violet Geranium are one of the highly on-demand flowers that are present in their terrace garden. Among medicinal plants, including plant is one of the best selling, apart from herbs. Interior home decorative plants are also a part of their terrace gardening.

Together they are now earning good amounts with the medicinal plants and herbs which are in high demand. From a small terrace garden with large variations in plants from vegetables to herbs and home décor plants, it has been a great achievement by the couple.

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Engineer to Farmer, Delhi

Abhishek Dhamma who pursued his education in Electronics and communication engineering diverted to work on organic farming. His family business is agriculture but he found no interest in working in the field for hours that did not provide a good value to them. It is something distressful when a graduate in engineering opts for farming but he made it sure to earn high through the crops and plants in his garden of 14 acres.

His new motivation in this startup business is changing the meaning of agriculture, who opposes the use of chemicals for the plants’ growth and focuses on organic growth. His earnings also touch lakhs each month which beats his job’s salary with more freedom to work.

Gardening is not just a hobby for those who can create magic will definitely bloom with the different types of culturing of plants and vegetables. These are few inspirations for those who look forward to pursuing a gardening hobby as a profession.

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