7 Differences Between College Life And Professional Life

College life and professional life

College life and professional life – Your life change drastically when you come out of college and start your career as a young professional.

Though college life has its shareof responsibilities and duties to be undertaken and fulfilled, the responsibilities you get to shoulder as a professional are very different.

Here are 7 differences between College life and professional life.

College life and professional life –

  1. Less fun, more work

Even though you were saddled with multiple assignments and had several classes to attend when you were in college, work life invariably adds up a lot more work on your shoulders. In todays’ competitive world, where there are so many multi-national companies striving to deliver the best to their customers, the work pressure on young professionals in huge.

  1. Love life takes a backseat

Most of us get into relationships when we are in college. Despite our busy schedules, we manage to make time for our girlfriend or boyfriend. But, after getting intoa job it gets really difficult to make a lot of time for your partner. You would not be able to watch movies, go out on dates or vacations as frequently as you used to when you were in college. Your partner has to be mature enough to understand and deal with this transition.

College life and professional life

  1. You have to fend for yourself

Right from your childhood till the time you graduate out of college, your parents take care of all your expenses. They fulfil all your wishes and demands and leave no stone unturned to make sure that you have al that you want. After you start working, you need to take care of all your expenses yourself. As youhave started earning, you should not remain dependent on them financially.

  1. Start thinking about the future

When you are in college, you are in that moment. You live in the present and do not think too much about what is going to happen in the future. You are busy with your friends, studies and doing all kinds of fun activities that can be done only when you are in college. One you get into a professional field, you have to start thinking about how you want your future to shape up.

  1. Better understanding of the company you want to have

You must have a lot of friends when you are in college. They are the ones whom you exchanged notes with, talked about heartbreak and discussed your love life and career with equal amount of zest. As you grow older and evolve as a person, you tend to have a better understanding of the kind of people you want to be surrounded with. You might feel disconnected with people you have known for years and make newer associations.

College life and professional life

  1. No more bunking

You had the option to bunk classes when you were incollege. If you were in a liberal college, the college authorities did not bother to trouble you for low attendance and you always had friends to mark proxy attendance for you. In work life, this is something you cannot afford to do. If you miss out on going to office for a day without informing yourseniors, it could result in you losing your job.

College life and professional life

  1. Living on your own

Your parents provided you with financial support and you had your friends to talk to when you were down and out in college. Whether they were close to you or far away, you had people to look after you when you were in college. When you start working, there is a chance that you will be in a city where you would not have family or friends around and you have to look after all your basic needs and make sure that you lead a healthy and disciplined life.

College life and professional life

These are differences between College life and professional life – Professional life is definitely going to be far more stressful than college life but you need yo take certain things in your stride to make sure that it does not exhaust you and you manage to make time for friends and family. After you start working, it becomes all the more important to strike a good balance between work and personal life.

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