Career Options: What To Do After B.A., Bachelor of Arts

Many students are off the opinion that Art faculty has very less career opportunity options than commerce or science. However, it’s not true.

Many students are off the opinion that Art faculty has very less career opportunity options than commerce or science. However, it’s not true. Arts is a vast stream in itself and offers a variety of career options and is one of the best fields to pursue a future career. The subjects like English Literature, Foreign Languages, Sociology, Psychology, History, and Economics are now a days into main stream.

Many of the biggies of different industries hold a Bachelors degree in Arts and are now the people who have changed the face of the country and have brought about different changes.

Here are a few Career Options After BA for successful profession…


English is a beautiful language in itself and gives an individual to broaden his/her horizons and challenge the person within them. If you hold a BA degree in English, you can choose a career in content writing, teaching, politics, etc. You can get to express your thoughts through your pen. You can also pursue a career as a journalist and write for newspapers, magazines, etc. Apart from this, you can also choose to start off your career in the film industry and attain success.


While most people say to become a doctor, you need to study science; psychology proves that theory wrong as psychology is the study of the human mind and body. It teaches you on the various behavioral trails and characteristics of every individual. So since you have almost studied ¾ of the human traits, it’s time you put it into practice. Once you complete your degree, you can do an internship in any of the fields like childhood psychologist, environmental psychologist, criminal psychologist, etc. Psychologists are in demand as a doctor can only subscribe medicines where as a psychologist studies the reason behind a person’s behavior and help to bring about a change in the individual.


Many people detest history as it is considered boring. But there are many people who find history as an interesting subject as they get to study the past and dig into the happenings in the past. History is not only about the human who lived in that era but it’s based on the places of visit and the significance involved behind the mysteries of that particular place. If you have a keen eye to study and know the past of the world, you can surely have a successful career as an Archaeologist.


With the increase in technology and advancement in the world, people are becoming closer and countries and joining hands and there are many student exchange programs taking place in colleges and universities around the world. Due to this, people are interacting with people of various cast, religions, lingual, etc. It becomes difficult to communicate especially if the other person doesn’t speak the same language. So a career in foreign languages will surely help many people are keen to study different languages and you too would get to learn something new and different.


It is not necessary to study commerce to pursue a career in banking and finance. A 3year arts degree course will well do the trick. A degree in economics is a gateway to the Administrative Services in India and is also given higher preference. You could very well enter a career in banking and financial services. You could also pursue a writing career for economic news columns in leading newspapers.

Arts is a vast stream and a variety of subjects to offer and gives an individual an opportunity to choose from a variety of industries.

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