5 Mind-Games Women Play!

No, don’t look so surprised! In this day and age, playing a bit of mind-games is quite acceptable. It’s become rather cool for those who are trying to get more out of their relationships. We list out the top give mind-games women play on their partners. Read on:

#2. The silent treatment:
silent-treatment-or-service-trouble_o_228511Men will shout, abuse and put an end to their anger. But women play one of the most pissing off games ever. They will give you the silent treatment till their last breath! Whenever she is going the silent route, you should sit back and analyse all your mistakes and quickly apologise to her before things go out of hands. Don’t even try to piss her off more when she is in this phase as ¬†things will totally go out of control if you try to play with her mind during the silent treatment time.

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