Dating guide: Is she into you?

She loves you, she loves you not. Confused? We tell you if she is into you or not…

Women may be easy to flatter, but there’s no way you can figure out if she is into you or not. She may flirt, laugh at your jokes and even hang out with you at night…but that doesn’t mean that she wants to walk down the aisle with you. No need to worry though, we will tell you if she likes you or not. Read on:


Miss tongue tied:
She is all fun and flirty with other guys, but clams up when you start talking to her. Ha! She likes you and doesn’t want to make a fool of herself by talking random stuff. If this happens often, make the first move. Be a man!

Fiddling with her hair:
It’s like a thumb rule with women (including, eh, yours truly). When someone we like is right in front of us, we start fiddling with our hair. Because we are nervous. Because we want you to notice us. Because we love playing with our hair.

Blushing beauty:
Simple test is to look deep into her eyes while talking. If she has the hots for you, she would blush like a mad girl and avert her eyes. That’s your clue to barge in and ask her out. Trust us, she is into you!

Total attention:
If you’re in a group, she will have her eyes only for you. While making her points, she will lavish all her attention on you (knowingly or unknowingly). That’s when you swoop in and take lead.

Calls you up for no reason:
If she is making up excuses to talk to you…boy, is she into you! It’s a fact that women love blabbering on the phone, but when she calls you up ten times a day to tell irrelevant stuff…ask her out.

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