6 Reasons Why Should Not Date Your Colleague


According to a research, seven out of ten employees believe that dating a co-worker is bad career move as it can hurt job security or promotion and can cause conflicts and distraction.

Many feel it’s a danger zone as it becomes very difficult to balance work and personal life.

Below are some reasons why should not date your colleague

1. It may be good for personal life but bad for your professional life

Of course your personal and professional lines are blurred and this can create problems between couples. And sometimes professional life goes for a toss altogether as many times couple take everything on a personal note.

2. Love life will soon become boring

There will hardly be any space between you two. Plus your personal life will be endangered as your partner will be with you most of the time and this feel make you feel suffocated. Everything will be routine as there will hardly any new thing and chances.

3. You Can LOSE Job

Many companies have policies that prohibit dating. So if you do not adhere to the rules then your boss might show you the door. So think twice before you say yes to your colleague.

4. One has to bear the brunt of negative treatment from other co-workers

Your changed behaviour would not be accepted by some other co-workers. People may consider this step of yours in other ways. Rumours and office grapevine related your relationship will fly everywhere. Due to this your image also gets damaged and again this can jeopardise your career.

5. No focus work

Agree or not if you are dating your colleague then it’s quite likely that it will influence your work place performance. The constant pressure to keep relationship under wraps, fight with your partner and tension over incessant negative behaviour by co-workers will of course reflects in work. People tend to spend most of the time with partner then again this will reduce productivity.

6. Worst Thing- Break Up

Break ups are worst and break up with colleague bring set of challenges. After the bitter end of relationship it will be very tough for anybody to face each other in office. Also other problem of image, work concentration and ambitions goes for a toss.

If you think your love is important and you must take it ahead, there’s no problem but one should also be aware that there are endless problems attached to it as mentioned above.

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