Who Wants The Indian Cricket Team Dead?


We worship only money!

Don’t we?

That surely seems to be the case, given all these talks about India Pakistan cricket match with a full-fledged series by this year end in UAE! What are the authorities, especially BCCI, thinking?

Yes, we do agree that any match between India and Pakistan would generate a tremendous amount of hype leading to money literally raining for both the cricket boards, but what is it at stake? Is it really worth the risk? Are Indian players guinea pigs for experimentation of this kind?

Firstly, cricketing ties between the two countries were snapped due to the ghastly terrorist incident in Mumbai on 26/11/08. The perpetrators of the same are roaming free in Pakistan devising new strategies to create terror in India.

Secondly, the new terrorist organization, Islamic State (IS) is very much active and growing rapidly in Middle East with Saudi Arabia led coalition being involved in military actions against Yemen based arm of the terrorist organization! Full fledged airstrikes are taking place in its backyard and going by the developments, unfortunately peace is not around the corner!

Thirdly, IS has made inroads into Pakistan and their recent act of terror is killing innocent people in a bus by indiscriminate firing!

With so much of instability, strong terrorist groups and obvious anti-India sentiment in Pakistan and in the growing propaganda of IS, is it safe to send our national cricket team to UAE (even if it’s a friendly nation) to play against Pakistan? What is the guarantee for the players’ security? What about the backlash and repercussions if Pakistan loses the matches or the entire series? Who is going to claim responsibility in case any mishap happens?

Frankly speaking, it will only help the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to fill up their empty coffers from the windfall this series will generate. India doesn’t need to play it! We can play at safer venues and with countries that reciprocate our hospitality and are not working against us behind our backs!

There is a feeling that people to people contact should be made strong, sporting ties help nations to get closer and bury the differences, but anybody can check the historical facts and will get a clear idea that till now, it hasn’t worked! We should not make our cricket players go through so much of stress for playing against Pakistan knowing clearly that their effort on the field will not be reciprocated adequately by people sitting in the corridors of power! The players need to play where they can enjoy without worrying about where has the latest bomb blast happened or where did the terrorist last opened fire and if they are next in line for a terror act!

Let’s urge the government that first try the diplomatic channels and use political will to mend the relations instead of using sports star to stand in the line of action!

They are cricketers, not soldiers with weapons!

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