Should Sachin Tendulkar call it quits? Fans take

Even though ‘the Master Blaster’ has vehemently opposed the idea of the Board, we ask some of his fans to voice their opinions on this:


In what came as a surprise to many Indian cricket fans, the Board of Control for Cricket in India(BCCI) asked the country’s most prized asset – Sachin Tendulkar to hang up his boots in Tests just after playing his 200th Test in November. Even though ‘the Master Blaster’ has vehemently opposed the idea of the Board, we ask some of his fans to voice their opinions on this:

If someone is playing well  and continues to do so then why you want him to quit forcefully? I will say that the BCCI cannot take such decisions on such a big personality, it will upset the whole nation – Zaheer Chauhan

I feel that if there are any such plans then they should have not made it so public,  it could have been kept very private rather than publishing it across all media – Veronica Jose

I think it’s HIGH TIME. When I read about ex-cricketers (Farook Engineer) saying that who is the BCCI to ask Sachin to go? Well, I say, why should the BCCI not say anything? Why are simple things about team sports so difficult to understand? When will glory-hunting individuals learn & educate themselves that the badge on the front of the shirt is more important than the name at the back?
It is not as if Sachin is hit a purple patch, all that he has been doing over the past three years is squatting every time he is castled or caught in front of the wickets. He can’t pick spinners either. He made the stupidest mistake ever by not hanging his boots after the WC Final in Mumbai. STUPIDEST. – Sagar Tanna

I think BCCI holds the right to ask for retirement only if the player is not giving anything to cricket,  though I am not a Sachin fan, I still feel he is one player is still a better player than any other youngster plus he has ample experience with him… I feel there is lot of cricket left in him. Players like Dada, Dravid and Sachin are a school in themselves,  you can’t behave the same way with them like you would with others…- Umang Banthiya

Well, BCCI has been right on their part. The final decision to retire, however, will be of the player. It can never be forced. BCCI can only opine. May be a few personal milestones are left to be achieved, and the God of Cricket should be given his space to take the final call – Shrenik Gandhi

It’s not confirmed that the BCCI asked him to retire, it’s a speculation. May or may not be true
If it is true, I don’t think any board or selector or former player, anyone has the right to ask anyone to retire. It’s a personal decision. If you don’t want a player to be in the team, you can drop him but can’t ask him to retire. – Vishal Dikshit

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