5 Reasons How Anushka Sharma Is Ruining Virat Kohli’s Cricketing Career

So what is plaguing our Indian team’s run-machine, Virat Kohli? Why have the runs dried up so fast even after putting up a stellar performance in South Africa and New Zealand.

So what is plaguing our Indian team’s run-machine, Virat Kohli?

Why have the runs dried up so fast even after putting up a stellar performance in South Africa and New Zealand.

Team India lost a third series in a row with Virat Kohli’s poor for with bat being one of the primary reasons. In the last six Test innings in the three Tests against England, Kohli’s top score was 39 and most of the time, the Delhi dasher was out caught at slip either to James Anderson or Stuart Broad.

Out of all the cricketing reasons to decide Virat’s downfall in England, the one that emerged was Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma’s presence.

Prior to the Trent Bridge Test, reports suggested that the ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ actress flew to Nottingham to spend some time with the Indian vice-captain with the BCCI allowing the latter to meet Sharma during the official tour.

What followed was worse than the Indian monsoons (pun intended)!

Team India went on a downward spiral, Kohli’s dropped in the rankings table and BCCI rehashed the management. Even the Indian team manager cited that Anushka’s availability was a distraction.

In an interview to a tabloid, manager Sunil Dev was quoted as saying that “I would have objected to her presence, but was helpless when I realised that permission was granted by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) secretary Sanjay Patel.”

Has Anushka Sharma really attributed to Virat’s slip up in the batting form?

Well, these 5 reasons will tell you that she did:

1 – Immoral of taking girlfriends on tour
The Indian team’s of the past have never ever taken their wives or girlfriends on official tours. Be it the legendary Sunil Gavaskar or the suave, Sandeep Patil; these men kept cricket as their first priorities and then came the flings. But Virat Kohli has exceeded them and in further by taking Anushka Sharma along, created an obstruction on the cricketing field. The westerners are famous for taking their girlfriends on tours also called as WAGs, but India’s culture does accept this ideology.

2 – Romancing the cricketer
Prior dating Virat Kohli, actress Anushka Sharma was in a relationship with Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh. The latter broke up and Ranveer is rumoured to be in love with Deepika Padukone. In what could be a perfect ‘B-town’ scene, Anushka ‘loneliness’ was too much to take for our Delhi dasher and thus seized the opportunity. The love might have polluted the cricketing brain of Kohli so much that it stopped working the minute it entered the field.

3 – Shopaholic Anushka Sharma
Other reason of Virat’s career going haywire could be Anushka’s shopping spree! With the couple spending so much time in UK, there’s little that the actress could do than spend time shopping on the London streets. Anushka’s ‘long’ time in the stores might have made Virat skip practise sessions and thus could be the reason why the latter could not even face a simple delivery at the matches.

4 – Bedroom secrets
The BCCI gave so much levy to Anushka Sharma that the actress even shared the room with Virat. This was not the first time it happened as during the shooting of ‘Bombay Velvet’ in Sri Lanka, reports emerged that Virat Kohli and the actress shared the same room in a hotel. What if Virat left the scoring ‘mojo’ in the bedroom and thus the insipid batting during the series?

5 – Has Anushka forced Virat to say ‘yes’?
Did Anushka Sharma drop the ‘bomb’ yet? One major reason for Virat’s abysmal run in England could be the actress’ ‘marriage proposal’. Not too long ago, English women cricketer Daniel Wyatt had tweeted a marriage proposal on twitter which was meant to be funny but was taken out of context by the Indian media. Is Virat mentally prepared for this ‘tornado’?

Virat Kohli was once touted to be India’s answer to the legendary Sachin Tendulkar. The Delhi-born honed the same hunger and passion as much as the retired cricketing icon. But unfortunately, Virat’s controversies have done him in and no wonder, ex-cricketers are criticising him.

If Kohli wants to revive the cricketing career, the former should get married and let the bat do the talking!

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