See How ‘India’ Might Get Replaced With ‘Bharat’, Government Takes Action!


Suddenly someone asked our dear nation that ‘What’s your name?’ and our nation had no answer to this as it was too confused!! Whether it’s India, Bharat, Hindustan, Hind, Bharatbhumi or Bharatvarsh?

After a PIL was filed by Niranjan Bhatwa who claims to be a social activist from Maharashtra, the Supreme Court has asked the center and the state to respond to this topic and present their opinions on it.

Well the word ‘India’ comes from the word ‘Hind’, which further comes from the word ‘Sindh’, whereas the word ‘Bharat’ is being used since ancient times. It is also said that our nation was named after a king ‘Bharat’ who ruled this region & had probably the biggest kingdom in the world ever.

The PIL also urges the government as well as non-government organizations to stop using the word ‘India’ in any kind of legal documentation.

The alternative names suggested in the PIL were Bharat, Hindustan, Hind and Bharatbhumi or Bharatvarsh.

So do you think our nation should change its name? And if yes then which alternative do you like?

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