Five things India immediately needs for women security

Government should deploy more police at every nook and corner of cities and provide women with tasers for self-defense.

Even after series of protests and safety measures devised by public, crimes against women are not coming to a halt. The government tightened the existing laws a bit and thought that its work was over. The police is always trying to catch the offender rather than stopping the crime from happening.

The rape cases did not stop and neither did assault cases. The recent attack on a woman in an ATM kiosk in broad daylight is an addition to the list.

Here are five things which are immediately needed for the safety of women in the country:

  • Deployment of security personnel/police at every low-light, no-light, stranded areas in every cities with enhanced mobile vigilance.


  • Creating an army of citizen which will help women in distress.
  • Making CCTV installation mandatory at every nook and corner of the city including ATM machines, shops, flyover side roads, and parking spaces.


  • Providing women with tasers, pepper sprays for their safety.


  • Imparting free of cost self-defense classes to women.


These measures will not only ensure that the criminals will think twice before committing crime, it will also infuse confidence among women.

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