Types Of People You Need To Stay Away From In Your College Life, Especially If You Are A Fresher!


So finally you are out of school and there are so many emotions running through your mind.

You are sad because now you have to bid adieu to your school friends, you are also happy and excited to start a new journey in your life- The college life!

I agree it’s a new journey for you, but always remember it is also the time you will meet new people who will either teach you important lessons or those who will completely shake your belief in human race.

So today I am going to share the types of people you need to stay away from in your college life if you want those 4 years to be stress free!

‘Chalaak Chatur’ types!


If you have seen 3 Idiots, you definitely know why you need to avoid characters like ‘Chatur’. They are the one who are jealous of you and would do all it takes to distract you or try to be ahead of you by hook or by crook. Stay away from them and make your life easier.

‘The Butter’ types!


They may be the teacher’s favourite student, but there is a reason you need to avoid them. They are the chamchas every class has, and you don’t want all your secrets to be leaked out to your college professor right? So better just avoid them.

The attention seekers!


Ok lets just admit these are the terrible lot you will meet a lot in your college. They are the one craving your attention all the time and will do any damn thing just to grab attention. The best way to deal with them is to compliment them “Yeh le bhai, aadha kilo bhav, khush?” and just RUN!

The wannabe gang leaders!


They may be a localite and they seem to know MLA or have jugaad in XYZ place, they may seem to be strong and influential people to hang out with. But remember although they might bail you out from situations, they might be the reason you are stuck in that situation. So the best thing is? Yes avoid them!

The energy suckers!


You need to save energy to attend those long boring lectures right? So you also need to stay away from people who just take away all your energies when they are around. They might try to irritate you so much that you will just want to run away from your college. But they say better be safe than sorry, so avoid them beforehand only and save yourself from the horror.

The ‘Bunkers’


Remember your parents have paid high fees so that you can have a secure future. You are there for a reason and that is solely studies! You surely need to avoid someone who has this trait.

Negative thinkers!


Vibes matter, trust me! You need to have positive people around you. Negative people will always cringe about everything, they will take away even your positivity. So beware who you stay around with.

Well these were some of the types you need to avoid in your college life.

Don’t forget to share in case you think I missed any in the comments below.

All the best for your college life. Have fun, make friends but ensure you don’t forget to study well 😉 

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