5 Ways To Manage Your Expenses In College

Managing expenses as a student can be tough. So, we here, suggest a few ways to manage your expenses while enjoyed your life in college. Read on!

The best part of leaving school is that you step into college life. But there is a big difference between the two. While in school you are immature and not ready to face the world, as soon as you join college you manage to live life on your own terms and manage your own expenses. As exciting as it sounds, college life also involves a number of responsibilities.

Everytime at the start of a new month you find yourself more or less in the same situation- a broke. Managing expenses as a student can be tough. Majority of your expenses in college includes food, movies and not to forget the phone calls. So, we here, suggest a few ways to manage your expenses while enjoyed your life in college. Read on!

Make a budget

As a young college student it is normal to indulge in unnecessary expenses like eating out or buying expensive clothes and watching movies. Such things are a part of college life. Make a budget for the expected expenses you might incur every month for things like these. Use your card/cash wisely so that you don’t end up spending a huge amount for food or your personal entertainment.

Keep all options open

They say, fun is where friends are. If a particular movie or theatre could make a big hole in your pocket, try going to a cheaper one or look around to find out if anything else is happening in your vicinity. As long as all of you friends are together, sitting even in a lecture could be fun, right?

Stay updated on inexpensive places

I am very sure you guys need not be told about this. Forget being a student. Even with a job in hand, people do not tend to let this go. Why should they? Afterall, who doesn’t want to get a ‘cheap n best.’


Unless you have your own problems, try staying with a roommate. It’s logical, reasonable, saves your expenditures and involves a lot of fun.

Use your loan for your education, not for your lifestyle

A number of college students honestly believe that they are managing their student loans well. They keep the money separate from their other funds and use it only for tuition, books, and fees. Enjoying your college life is good, but indulging in heavy expenses as a student is a something you need to give a thought to.


Everyone in college wants to be a part of every exciting activity that is happening around, and this is not possible without having money. So learn to manage your expenses wisely, while you enjoy your college life.


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