Work Place Is Changing! And You?


Life is changing!

Yeah, the pace at which change is happening all around us is way too fast and if we don’t adapt to it pretty soon, we will just remain bystanders!

The work place is obviously not untouched by these developments and there have been massive changes in just these past 15 years that make the previous century look like an era of the dinosaurs!

If we consider how our parents worked, life would look so simple. A steady 9-5 job, least amount of time consumed in going to and coming back from office, pleasant relaxed evenings spent with family and a satisfied life is what constituted that era!

Now, there are no fixed work timings. With smart phones and laptops, most of us work from home as well, time is no constraint. More and more companies are even changing the way an office looks like. The upcoming ones have a more contemporary look with bean bags becoming a regular feature with separate smoking rooms, no fixed dress codes and flexible working hours. Add to it plush cafeterias offering global cuisines at throw-away prices and perquisites that just a few years back looked like luxuries for the top-management and you will have a work-place that sometimes resemble a five-star hotel!

However, there is a price to pay for all of this!

First of all, if you’re from an old-world school, you’ll have to immediately change your mindset and sensibilities to accommodate the next-generation thought process. If you’re used to working at a particular pace, you’ll have to double that pace and that would just be the minimum expectation. Be ready to sacrifice your family life to achieve targets and deadlines. Your home might become your office if you’re allowed to work from home, the only consolation being you get rid of traffic snarls and exhaustion from just travelling between work and home. You might be paid handsomely, but you will be asked to return favours for these perquisites by giving your all to your work! In short, if you love to relive nostalgic moments of yesteryears, then today’s workplace is not for you!

Yes, work is taxing these days, but the career growth is enormous and sky is the limit when it comes to achieving your dreams. The luxuries of life that you can afford with better salaries for you and your family members are unprecedented! All you need to do is change your approach towards work. Get used to shorter than short deadlines, immense work pressures and learn to maintain a work-personal life balance to enjoy your career.

Technological advancements have made a lot of official processes and systems redundant over the years. This includes the human capital as well and the only way to circumvent this challenge to stay relevant is to keep adapting quickly while upgrading your skill sets at a pace faster than expected from your organisation and superiors.

If you’re able to be on your toes while still enjoying what you’re doing, success will be yours! The idea is to evolve and grow, much faster than before!

Change with the changing world around you!

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