The Right Career Move To Make After B.com

Interview with Professor Aasheerwad Dwivedi from S.R.C.C Delhi University

Students often make mistakes while making career choices and end up regretting their decision later in life. But fret not, if you’re just about to graduate in B.Com and are confused what career to choose then we have found a solution for you.  We got in touch with Professor Aasheerwad Dwivedi who teaches Economics to students of S.R.C.C. (Shriram College of Commerce), Delhi University. He shared with us his insights about available career options and some tips on how to make the right choices.

Excerpts from the interview:

What according to you are the major mistakes students make while making a career choice

A. Generally after graduation students don’t understand what they’re really interested in and they end up doing what everyone else is. Like I will give you an example, according to current market standards, doing MBA isn’t a good career option but still students take it up seeing others, not realizing that they can do something much better and something they’re actually interested in. So the real problem is that students don’t think before making decisions and just follow their peers.

What are the new career options  after B.com?

A. Traditionally C.A. (Chartered Accountancy) is the most popular career option after B.com. But today subjects like Risk Management and Disaster Management are upcoming topics and students with Economics and B.Com background are more preferable in it. But still in India students are reluctant to take up new options and C.A. is the most prevalent choice.

Due to lack of awareness about the current trends, skills & job requirement, many graduate students remain unemployed. What can be done in this regard?

A. Firstly, students should always keep in touch with their seniors and professors especially in their third year when they can get them some career advice from them according to their eligibility and interest. Secondly, on a personal level, I think students in metropolitan cities take up part time jobs or work in BPOs thinking that they will earn money and do a PG or a diploma course on the side but they don’t realize that it isn’t feasible. They get so involved with their work that their main interests get sidelined. So I would say other than reading up on what’s happening and asking seniors for advice, students should have a long-term approach about their career and not short-term. Or else what happens is at a young age they enjoy the high salary but later in future they end up in a bad state.

Which is more important qualification or work experience? Please share your views on the same.

A. Personally I feel qualification is much more important. A qualified person has better chances of working well in future than a person with work experience.

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