These Career Changes Will Inspire You NOT To Settle In Life

Breaking the myth of being focused about what you really want to do in life, are also people who never really walked on a particular path for a long time.

Some people know exactly what they want to do in life at an early age. No, I am not talking about the time when they are in primary section and say that they wish to become an astronaut. I am talking about that age of consciousness when they say, what they really want to become, end up getting admission in a college and achieving their aim in life. These are the ones we brand as successful.

However, breaking the myth of being focused about what you really want to do in life, are also people who never really walked on a particular path for a long time. Their varied interest in things, drove them to try out every option they’d always wanted to. There is no second thought about the fact that, at first, switching careers puts you at a disadvantage. However, a survey shows that if you take time out to rule the odds, you can lead to leading a life, while pursuing all of your dreams.

A producer with a channel said that she had three degrees, namely, acoustics engineering, theatre and anthropology in religion studies, none of which is of any use to her now. She had chosen to volunteer for an event with the channel, which is when she was offered to join as a full time employee. Life is perfect for someone with varied interests, she says.

A leading entrepreneur in textile business has his own story to share. “When people asked me, what did I want to become when I grew up, I always said dentist. Not because I fancied looking into other’s mouth or something, but because my mother seldom complained of tooth ache. Funny, that sounded quite inspiring to me then.” The entrepreneur we are talking about is a lawyer by education and was a finance manager by profession, until he quit all of that to start his own business. “That was quite a leap. But while working as a finance manager I realized that there’s nothing as satisfying as working for your own self.”

One of the various advantages or disadvantages of joining a start up is that you don’t really have a defined role. If it serves as an advantage you have your goals clear, if not, well, it’s totally up to you to change in into one. For somebody who started his career in medicine, went onto acquire a degree in management and finally quit his job, to not even open up his own company, but to work for another start up is equivalent to realizing the goal of his life. From a career in scientific research to working in a start up as manager in investor relations, is I Must say, quite big a leap.

Nobody knows what the future beholds. Changing your career according to your new interests and gaining skills that allow you to try new things, is quite an adventure. Don’t you agree?

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