The Exciting World Of Commentary

Without the commentators’ exciting and informative voices, cricket would become half less exciting.

Imagine this: You are sitting at home, watching cricket and you get bored. Sounds weird, no?

Ok now imagine this: You are at home, watching cricket and suddenly electricity is off. Or you are at office and cannot watch cricket. You will certainly look for a radio or an earplug.

Without commentary, the radio or the earplug would have been pretty much useless.

Commentary is something which adds extra zing to the gentlemen’s game. We surely are familiar with the names Harsha Bhogle, Arun Lal, Sunil Gavaskar, Charu Sharma, Ravi Shastry and Navjot Singh Sidhu. Even Saurav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Javagal Srinath have joined the list.

Without their exciting and informative voices, cricket would become half less exciting.

So let’s have a look who are sports commentator and how you can become one.

A sports commentator is an expert reporting a live match on radio or television in real time. Commentary is about enhancing the viewer’s pleasure by describing the scene of action pleasantly story. Detailed knowledge of the sport and excellent language skills with a dash of fortune can be your ticket to make it big.

An average commentator earns anywhere between Rs5000 to Rs10,000 a day. But well-known faces command a better sum of Rs25,000 onwards a day. Your annual income depends on the number of days in a year you get to work.

For becoming a commentator you must love the sport and follow it religiously (which we think you already do).  Excellent command over the language is a must and a good voice, which should be exploited for perfect dialogue delivery, is desirable. A bit of some visual acceptance, especially in case of commentary on television, will be an addition.

The lowpoint is that there are very few openings for sports commentators in India. Former national players have relatively brighter chances to make it to the commentary box. But hey! Harsha Bhogle was no player!

You can start from All India Radio or Doordarshan which are usually good platforms to start with and eventually (if you want) move on to private channels. You need a rich, long experience in the sports arena to get hired by a sports channel.

There are no institutes which train people to become sports commentators. But you can do English, personality development and communication skills courses to gain an edge.

.   R K Films & Media Academy – New Delhi,

.   Dublin Business School, Ireland,

In the internet age, we recommend that you try podcasts and web-commentary and your career will take off from there.

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