Perfect birthday presents for Anurag Kashyap!

We have drummed up a list of five things that can be gifted to Anurag Kashyap on his 41st birthday!

Perfect birthday presents for Anurag Kashyap!

His movies have class. His movies have a thought. His movies keep you engaged. Yes, dear readers, we are talking about ace director Anurag Kashyap who turns 41 today.  Considering how dark and brooding his movies have been, we do hope that he lets his hair down and has a total blast with wifey Kalki Koechlin.  We, at Youngisthan, have drummed up a list of five things that can be gifted to this arty man.  Take a look and tell us if you found these gifts interesting enough!


A long vacay:
The reason he makes hard-hitting movies that are so real to the surface is because he stays cocooned in his own world. Since he doesn’t come across as someone who would pack a night bag and shoot off on an impromptu vacation, we are planning to send him on a sponsored trip. He can eat chocolates off the counters in Switzerland or get drunk like skunk at Miami, the choice is his. A little bit of fun will certainly brighten him up and it’s much needed too. As all work and no play can make him a dull boy. Bollywood has no place for dull boys, you know. C’mon, Kashyap! Get ready to go on a long and fun vacay, which is away from the madness of Bollywood and Mumbai.


Lighter scripts: 
We do love his neo-noirs and intriguing movies, but what we really want from him is a light-hearted film that is colourful and dramatic. We will definitely give him a couple of scripts that are not washed in blood or violence. He is excellent at his work and we want him to give us something other than ‘Gulaal’ and ‘Black Friday’. You know, something more like ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’? (just imagining this prospect is giving us gooseflesh) Better still, get him to make a ‘Dabangg’ or ‘Rowdy Rathore’ and the world would go nuts , for sure. Pair of frames: Those oval-shaped nerdy frames are so passé. It’s time for him to go for a classy-meets-crazy makeover and indulge in a funky pair of frames. His movies may be dark, but does it mean that he should be devoid of colours in life too? Dear Anurag, get a nice maroon pair of frame and live it up with wifey! And please, oh, please throw away your current pair without thinking even once about it.  Invest in colour, it’s going to be worth it. Trust us!


We don’t know if he’s the kind who would flaunt his love for his wife in ink, but seeing how rumour mills have been going on and on about his alleged affair with Huma Qureshi, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. We would be more than happy to help fix an appointment with an eccentric tattoo artist who can give ‘wings’ to Kashyap’s ideas… (ha!) What better than hitting the 40s for such indulgences? It would be criminal to not have some fun on this day. Even a temp one would do, he need not go the needle and ink way. Itna toh karlo, sir!


Angry bhagao pills: He is known to be quite rude and short tempered. So we HAVE to buy him anti-anger (anger bhagao) pills that would make him a more tolerable person. There have been instances (according to insiders), where he has shouted and made actors’ lives hell with his terror fits. Uff. It’s high time he  popped a pill or two and chilled the hell out on the sets of his upcoming movie. Life it too short to be lost in anger and tension. Live it up, laugh it out and love like there’s no other way out….a

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