A Big Thanks To Not So Intelligent People! They Have Saved Lives!


First of all, no offence to those, who got an IQ, which is way below Einstein’s!

I’m also sailing in your boat and can totally understand the plight of my fellow travellers whose brain is welded in a different manner altogether!

However, I seriously wish that our society, our family and friends understood this!

How badly they want us all to become doctors and engineers and follow the same profession that everyone else is aspiring to be in! Try to imagine a situation where every boy and girl becomes a doctor.

Who will treat whom?

Who will charge money from whom?

Who will cook, who will clean, who will do farming, who will run things that can’t be run by doctors?

Are you getting the drift guys?

Since childhood every person we meet advises us to become doctors and engineers, no matter where our interest lies! Then the whole system of education prepares you to be this learning-by-rote parrot that by the time you are an adult you tend to forget that the area between two ears is used for thinking and imagining and consists of something called a brain! By the time we realize it, we are past the basic education stage and then it becomes harder to re-educate or go for higher education given perpetual time, money and resource deficit!

Therefore, it is very nice to not to be able to score great marks in science and math. That way, your parents will leave any hopes they had on you of pursuing MBBS or some other field related to science. A huge monkey goes off your back once it is proved by your school and teachers and everyone who meets you that you’re not so intelligent and might not be able to cope up with rigorous of medicine field or an engineering stream. A life is saved!

Firstly, your life is saved from doing something that you don’t want to do and secondly of scores of ordinary fellow citizens who might have become your patients if you indeed somehow did become a doctor! Imagine someone wanting to be a cricketer and pushed to become a doctor. He might throw a bouncer inside a patient while conducting the heart transplant or a guy wanting to be an architect might play around with a patient’s interiors for aesthetic values!

That might have been over the top, but the point is sometimes it does pays for not being so blessed with higher IQ! This is not to say that those wanting and really deserving and dreaming to become doctors and engineers should leave their dreams aside and pursue something else. No, it is just that parents and society shouldn’t force every child to pursue only one kind of profession. Everyone is different and there are a lot of possibilities in this world to earn money, make name while following your heart!

Go ahead and prove your intelligence in fields where your heart lies!

And say thanks to not so intelligent people to be pushed into the doctor-engineer-making factory!

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