Heavy on wishes: Last birthday for PM in office?

It seems our PM’s birthday wishes were answered by the God as this is his 10th birthday that Manmohan Singhji is celebrating while in office since he assumed the post in 2004.

It seems our Prime Minister’s birthday wishes were after all answered by the God. No wonder! This is his 10th birthday that our dear Manmohan Singhji is celebrating while in office since he assumed the position in 2004.

The golden 10 years that he spent in office saw many ups and downs. Most of the time, he has been very successful in hiding his emotions. Be it 2G spectrum scam, Commonwealth scam, VVIP chopper scam or Adarsh housing scam, he has always kept calm. His expression, much like cool Homer Simpson, can be summarised in one word – Duh!

But the media and his critics though he was an emotionless robot who was being run in the hands of some higher power (read Sonia Gandhi). The opposition kept hounding him with words like unaccountable, ignorant, puppet, and yes, a chor. they accused him of sleeping while his ministers made hay on the public money.

Well, he forced them to swallow their words back by showing his anger in the parliament. (An angry PM in parliament is very public, no?) Moreover, he told them that he was not unaccountable. He announced in the parliament that he did “recognise the problems”. Although we never came to know which problem he was talking about as there are many, but at least he admitted presence of problems.

He also cornered his critics by showing that he was not sleeping when his ministers were hoarding black money through various scams. He was actively burning and hiding the proof of everything with his officers in PMO. The coal mining scam is a shining example!

And how dare the opposition call him a chor in public? He is everything but a thief. The public only gave him a second term to enjoy on its money. How dare we hold him responsible for our mistakes?

Anyway, what is important today on his birthday are the wishes that he listed publicly. However, many of them are just his personal wishes. But we cannot whine because some may be good for us indirectly.

For starters, he wishes the food security scheme to run perfectly. Not only it will give food to the poor in this inflation ridden economy, it will also ensure that the surplus food in the godowns doesn’t rot. In the case he doesn’t make to the office after 2014 general elections, he will be content knowing that the next government will pay the heavy price for the scheme set up by his government. The troubled government won’t be able to last long and it will be return of UPA.

Second in line is his wish to get as many allies by his side as he can. After all, his government has taken a huge risk by passing the ordinance negating Supreme Court’s order. He knows very well that goondaism from politics is hard to separate. And if everybody will be as pure in character as AAP candidates (hopefully), how the hell will people like him will rise to such good positions?

Third wish is to get away with CBI ASAP. They have been giving his government hell of a time chasing for the missing files like sniffers.

The next wish must be as recent as today itself. He is in New York where he has to meet Shri Barack Obamaji and Shri Nawaj Sharifji. While a Sikh group there has secured summons against him, terrorists have launched twin attacks in Jammu and Kashmir where 11 Army men are already dead. Pakistan has been repeatedly violating ceasefire agreement and the opposition is calling his meeting cowardly. Plus the nuclear liability gift which he had thought to present Obamaji with seems a difficult work now with the Indian media firing the government over the issue. He must be wishing for everything to be alright and in control soon.

And last but not the least is to work under the “able leadership” of Shri Rahul Gandhiji. He is 81 now, way above retirement age and just four years younger than LK Advani who has given new leadership way to flourish already. What more do you expect people?

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