6 Reasons Why Non-Verbal Communication In A Workplace Is Important

Non-verbal communication

“Non-verbal communication”

“Communication –the human connection- is the key to personal and career success”. No doubt, communication matters a lot. Well, both verbal and non-verbal communication , in reality are equally important and shouldn’t be failed.

Non-verbal communication consists of overall body language i.e. voice of tone, gestures, eye contact facial expressions etc. Just like verbal communication, non-verbal also delivers a message to others in a workplace and it is equally observed.

You might not know but your non-verbal communication spill out equally or sometimes more about you as compared to your verbal communication.

Well, know in detail the reasons why it matters in a workplace:-

  1. Sustain Relationship –

In order to maintain a relationship; it is very important that you are not only kind with your office mates but also with your senior authority (Yes!)

A sweet gesture of shaking hands as well as smile on your face plays an essential role.

  1. Interest level –

If you show proper signs e.g. listening with a proper focus when he/she is talking then it delivers a message that you’re interested in the communication and it acts like a plus point in your favor.

  1. Confidentiality –

How confident are you? Is always the question in a workplace environment and therefore it’s observed as well. Your “tone of voice” delivers the sign that how confident you are when you’re talking.

Make sure you don’t go on talking fast as it may mark a note that you’re afraid. And also, stand upright and maintain full focus in front of your audience.

  1. Increase your productivity –

Not only has your verbal but remember even non-verbal communication of yours with your colleagues brings out better results.

  1. Win-Win attitude –

If all gestures, eye-contact and facial expressions etc are correct and liked by others then it’s a win-win situation for you in a workplace.

In meetings even a “nod” signifies an answer for a “yes or no” towards your work when used properly.

  1. Professionalism

No doubt, professionalism is needed in any workplace. A person’s hairstyle, dressing sense delivers a sign of how professional you are in yourself. It matters because it is the way of showing how you represent yourself in front of others.

Therefore dressing up in a correct way for meetings and interviews marks your professionalism.

Do you have anything to share related to non-verbal communication? Do let us know in comments below.

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